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Alarm Panels

Simplex Motor Control Panels

Duplex Motor Control Panels

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Controls

Custom Controls

Bluetooth Wireless Connection Kit

Digital Dose Counters

Float Switches and Assemblies

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The products shown in this “Custom Controls & Monitoring” catalog are used to manage water, wastewater, agricultural, and industrial processes. Products range from simple alarms to custom-built control systems with PLCs, telemetry, and graphical interfaces.

Orenco’s controls are carefully engineered, built with name-brand components, and competitively priced. They’re built in a UL-certified 508A/698A shop and follow CE standards for European markets. All Orenco controls are warranted for three full years.

So take a look at the products listed on the left. Also, check out our other Product Catalogs:

For information about the full range of our standard and custom controls, as well as pricing, contact your local Orenco distributor. Or call Orenco Controls in the U.S. at 800-348-9843 (+1-541-459-4449), 8 am-5 pm, Pacific Standard Time.

“I have two criteria regarding any product specifications: the product does the job and the company provides technical support. Orenco excels in both, which makes me look good and my clients happy.” — David Monihan, Jr., PE, RLS, Arizona