Access Risers and Riser-Related Products

Ultra-Rib Access Risers (RR, RU, RPU)

Kor-Flo Access Risers (RR, RP)

Small-Diameter Access Risers (RR, RA)

Riser Tank Adapters (FRTA, PRTA, RRFTA)

Roth MultiTank Adapters (FRTA)

Adapter Bolt Down Kits (PRTA, RRFTA, RUBD)

Grade Rings and Grade Ring Inserts (GR, GRI)

Riser-to-Lid Adapters (RLA)

Insulation Plugs (INS)

Riser Safety Grates (RG)

Riser-Cutting Saw Guides (RUSJ)

Riser Cutting Stations (RR-CUTTING)

Drill Fixtures (RK, RUDJ)

Hole Saw/Rib Cutters (RKHS)

Grommets (G)

Adhesives and Adhesive Dispensing Guns (ADH, MA)

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Orenco® PVC Access Risers provide access to tanks and components in water and wastewater systems. They can be cast into the tops of concrete tanks, bonded to a concrete or fiberglass tank with epoxy, or bolted down to a concrete tank with an adapter and bolt-down kit. In addition to providing risers, Orenco also offers riser accessories including grade rings, grade ring inserts, and riser-to-lid adapters, as well as tools for cutting risers squarely and cutting grommet holes.

Orenco strongly recommends that all tank risers 12-in. and larger in diameter be equipped with riser safety grates to help prevent accidental or unauthorized entry.