External Splice Boxes (SBEX)

Orenco® External Splice Boxes are installed outside of access risers to house spliced wire connections between an electrical control panel and equipment, such as effluent pumps and float switches. Its separate conduit hubs, large volume, and optional dividers make it useful for maintaining isolation of high and low voltage wires where needed. Each External Splice Box is provided with a hole-cutting template to simplify installation on the riser and a 4-inch (100-mm) diameter grommet for the riser penetration.

  • Type 6X rated for prolonged submergence
  • Constructed of UL-rated PVC alloy
  • Buna rubber sealing ring
  • Four Type 6X-rated, ½-inch (15-mm) cord grips included, standard
  • Three EPDM rubber cord grip plugs included, standard
  • 100 in.3 (1639 cm3) volume for easy wiring access
  • Bottom entry to maintain minimum burial depth
  • Easy inspection without removing riser lid


Sample Product Code*

  • SBEX-1-4 — Splice box

* For the full range of available product options, contact your local Orenco Distributor or Orenco.

Technical Data Sheet

Product Sheet

Orenco External Splice Box