Regulatory Resources for Septic Systems and Wastewater by Orenco

Government Relations

Orenco's Government Relations Department manages regulatory approvals of Orenco's products, including products for septic systems, watertight fiberglass septic tanks, AdvanTex secondary treatment systems, UV disinfection units, and so on. We provide the information regulators need to make decisions about permitting our products in their jurisdictions, including performance data, design criteria, and drawings. We also manage field-testing and demonstration projects.

In addition, we are a resource during rule rewrites. We have samples of regulations from all over North America and around the world... samples of rules that are working to protect public health — and rules that are not — both "prescriptive-based" and "performance-based." We participate in numerous Technical Advisory Committees and understand the importance of listening to all points of view.

We truly understand the challenges that regulators face. In fact, our Government Relations Department was started years ago by a former onsite regulator. Members of the department have also worked in government, either as  regulators or in other positions that protect water and other natural resources. We also understand the importance of public outreach and can help you with your public information needs. Give us a call!

Approvals Summaries

Approvals Summary for Residential AdvanTex Treatment Systems
Approved in more than 100 jurisdictions, AdvanTex has also been specifically approved for its ability to reduce wastewater nitrogen in 22 jurisdictions.

Approvals Summary for Orenco Fiberglass Tanks
Includes information about IAPMO and SAI Global certification, as well as jurisdiction-specific approvals.


Approvals Information for Individual Jurisdictions

Use our map to quickly find approval information for a state, province, or country.


Performance Documentation for AdvanTex Treatment Systems

Standard Performance Summary Document
Results of third-party testing of the performance of AdvanTex Treatment Systems for CBOD5, TSS, and FC.

Nutrient Performance Summary Document
Results of third-party testing of the performance of AdvanTex Treatment System for nitrogen and phosphorus removal.


Other Resources

Residential AdvanTex Drawings
Our Document Library gives you fast access to the latest AdvanTex AX20 and AX-RT drawings and warranties for your state.

Onsite Wastewater Regulatory Agencies By State
This Web site, maintained by the National Small Flows Clearinghouse, includes links to each state's regulatory agency and their regulations.

Contact our Staff

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Nicholas Noble
Government Relations Manager

(800) 348-9843, x484

Nick Noble's duties include managing testing programs, analyzing data, facilitating product approvals, and advocating legislative reform. He has a master’s degree in ecology from the University of Montana and a master’s degree in education from Western Oregon University. Nick has worked as a fisheries biologist for Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks; researched Chinook salmon populations for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; helped the Nature Conservancy develop marine protected areas; and taught high school science.

Joe Soulia
Government Relations Representative

(800) 348-9843, x215

Joe Soulia is a long-standing Orenco employee, having joined the company in 1992. He spent many years as a Technical Sales Representative in the Western Region of our Wastewater Products Division before moving to Government Relations in 2013, where he now handles permitting and approvals of new products. Joe has a degree in Atmospheric Science from Oregon State University.