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12/19/2013 Update

New! RF-Series Fiberglass Risers

New! FBL-Series Fiberglass Lids

Introducing Large-Diameter, Fiberglass Access Risers/Lids

Orenco is now manufacturing Filament-Wound Fiberglass Risers in 36- and 48-inch diameters (914- and 1219-mm). These risers are strong, light, noncorroding, and watertight. They can be cast into the top of a concrete tank or bonded to a tank flange. And they can be designed with multiple filters/pumps under one access riser. 

Up until now, wastewater designers and engineers have had to rely on less than ideal solutions for projects requiring large-diameter risers and lids.  For example, some designs call for multiple, smaller diameter risers, causing more complex piping and plumbing.  Others call for a concrete riser/lid solution that’s heavy and not easily removable. Still others call for large-diameter risers from manufacturers that don't offer lids.

To create a comprehensive solution, Orenco is also manufacturing Fiberglass Lids that are specially-designed to fit its Fiberglass Risers. FBL Series Fiberglass Lids include an upper flange with EPDM gasket and bronze inserts, which provide a watertight connection point to the riser.

In addition to their use on wastewater systems, these large-diameter risers/lids can be used as enclosures for valves and other underground utilities.

For more information, including product codes and pricing, contact Orenco or your local Orenco Distributor.



Spin nozzles disperse effluent
over textile media.


The Science Behind AdvanTex

“Fast start-up.” “Ability to handle variable flows.”  When we talk to Designers and Engineers about their upcoming WW treatment projects, they frequently list these as among their most important requirements.

AdvanTex Treatment Systems excel at meeting these requirements because they use a “nonsubmerged attached growth” biological treatment process, rather than a “submerged suspended growth” process. With AdvanTex, bacteria attach themselves immediately to our hanging textile sheets (hence fast start-up). And they are capable of adjusting to the amount of nutrients in the wastewater that passes over those sheets (hence variable flows).

Consequently, AdvanTex has been installed in more than 200 schools and churches and in about 300 parks and campgrounds. One of our U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects, the Pointes West Recreational Area in Fort Gordon, Georgia, is a good example.

For more detailed information on these processes, see Crites & Tchobanoglous’ Small and Decentralized Wastewater Management Systems, Section 7-7, “Aerobic Attached-Growth Processes,” (and other sections). Or just call +1-800-348-9843 and ask for one of our Regional Engineers.


Marina at Morgan's Point Resort New wastewater treatment plant

Texas Community Replaces Failing Package Plant with AdvanTex

Morgan’s Point Resort, a waterfront community in Central Texas, needed to replace a noisy, rusty, and power-hungry activated sludge plant. After extensive research and a tour of an Arkansas community that treats its waste with two low-profile AdvanTex Treatment Systems, Morgan’s Point installed AdvanTex. Chlorine disinfection allows the treated effluent to discharge into Lake Belton, source of the community’s drinking water. For a Case Study, click here.


MM M Look for our
column posters
as you enter
the event

See Us (and Hear Bob) at Pumper
Booth #4010

If you’re planning to be in Indianapolis for the Pumper Show in February, we’ll be there from Feb. 24-27. Stop by Booth #4010 to see scale models of AdvanTex Treatment Systems, as well as Biotube Pump Packages and the controls that help make them work.

Then plan to attend Bob Smith’s presentation on tank accessories for ease of installation, access, operation, and maintenance. It’s called “Septic Tank Bells & Whistles” and is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 25, 8-9:00 am, Rm 133-135.


Orenco HQ Hosting 18 Days of Technical Workshops

Calling all Wastewater Designers, Engineers, Installers, and Operators. In 2014, you have a number of opportunities to sign up for Orenco’s most popular classes, including field trips with Terry Bounds, P.E., Orenco’s R&D pioneer.

Check out our 2014 Trainings flyer. Then contact Angela Bounds Antonio, Orenco’s Training Manager, at

Ready to sign up? Go ahead and click here; then click on “Register for Upcoming Trainings.”


New! Helically Wound Fiberglass Basin
(24-in to 12-ft Diameters)

New! Peaked-Roof Fiberglass Shelter

9/16/2013 Update

See Us at WEFTEC: Booth #1061

If you’re going to be in Chicago for WEFTEC 2013, Orenco will be easy to find — Just look up. A 16-ft blue pinwheel that says “Orenco Engineered Products” will be spinning over our 20-ft x 40-ft island booth in the main hall: #1061.

“We’re showing a range of full-size and scale-model products for water and wastewater operations that are manufactured by three divisions of Orenco: Composites, Controls, and Wastewater,” says Eric Ball, VP Product Development.

Composites is Ball’s specialty, and a number of innovative new products are coming out of that division.“We’re displaying our latest ultra-strong Fiberglass Shelter — a pitched-roof design,” said Ball. “We’re also showing our helically wound wet wells and basins, as well as fiberglass tanks, fiberglass railings, and more.” Orenco’s AdvanTex wastewater treatment systems, effluent sewers, and control panels will also be on display.

 Lacey, Washington

“Life Cycle Costs” Presentation was 20+ Years in
the Making

Lacey, Washington has been operating an Orenco Effluent Sewer since the late 1980’s, along with a standard gravity sewer. In the process, Lacey has accumulated a wealth of operational data on both systems. Bill Cagle, Orenco’s Business Development Manager, and Roger Dickenson, Lacey’s Senior Wastewater Tech, will present the results of Lacey’s operational experience at WEFTEC, on October 8th, at 8:30 a.m., in Rm S502b.

But just in case you can’t be there, here’s the Cliff’s Notes version: O&M costs for Lacey’s STEP sewer are similar to O&M costs for its gravity sewer, leading to lower STEP life cycle costs, overall. This real-world data validates the Water Environment Research Foundation’s 2010 series of Fact Sheets on the performance and costs of various collection system technologies and gives consulting engineers solid life cycle cost data for their municipal clients.

Fall/Winter Training Schedule is Shaping Up

Orenco’s engineers and technical specialists are presenting design trainings across the U.S. this fall and winter, focusing primarily on Orenco Effluent Sewers and AdvanTex Treatment Systems. To enroll in one of Orenco's upcoming training courses, register online at Orenco Training.

For information on trainings that are closest to your location, call Angela Bounds, Senior Training Analyst, at 800-536-4197.

Three new product catalogs

Updated Product Catalogs Now Available

We’ve completely updated our Product Catalogs and split them into three:

  • General Onsite Wastewater Products
    (excluding pump packages)
  • Wastewater Pumping Products
    (including pump packages)
  • Controls & Monitoring Products

Our 2013 Catalogs include a number of recently released products, including …

  • Fiberglass basins
  • PRTA24-2 tank adapters
  • Roth tank adapters
  • High-flow effluent pumps

    New! Interactive product
    catalog area on

  • EasyPak and ProPak Pump Packages
  • UV disinfection units

You can get our catalogs in multiple formats: online, PDF, and printed. For interactive online catalogs with related links, go to our Product Catalog

You can also just download catalog PDFs from that web page.

Or, for a bound copy, go to our online Lit Request form and request the catalog(s) you want.

An Orenco Treatment Systems Catalog is in the works. Look for it soon!

AdvanTex Surface Discharge Permit Saved Their Home

For this AX-RT case study,
click here

When the drainfield failed on a residential home in North Carolina, there was no additional land for a new one. Sewer service was unavailable, and the homeowners were faced with the very real possibility of losing the use of their home.

Engineer Kevin Davidson suggested the installation of an AdvanTex AX20-RTUV (i.e., with ultraviolet disinfection), manufactured by Orenco. And the North Carolina DWQ approved it, since it could produce effluent that would meet surface discharge standards — and the limit for fecals, too — thus eliminating the need for a drainfield.

Davidson was able to use the existing tank, so the RT’s configuration also eliminated the need for a discharge tank, separate UV basin, and several risers and lids, reducing costs. Said Davidson, “I think the RT is the best unit, when you look at aesthetics, installation cost, ability to treat waste, and support from Orenco.” For a Case Study, click here.



3/26/2013 Update

"Insanely Better Products"

New Fiberglass Sewage Basins (top) and Custom Control Panel

Fiberglass Basins — People often ask us, "Why do you make such high-quality products? They're just going to get buried underground." Our new Fiberglass Basins for onsite + sewage applications are a good example. At the Pumper Show we showed off the basin's smooth helically-wound fiberglass structure with gelcoated surface, carefully thought-out attachment mechanisms, non-corroding composite brackets, and rock-solid infiltration-proof adhesive seams. Visitors asked, "Is this a show model?" It wasn't. Orenco is just weirdly devoted to building "insanely better products" ... and building them in the USA. Basins come in 24, 30, 36, 48, 60, 72, and 96 inch diameters and are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and extremely strong. Standard heights up to 20 feet. Custom heights (up to 30 feet) and diameters (up to 24 feet) are also available. Click here for a Fiberglass Basin Spec Sheet and then contact Darren Simmie at for more information.

Custom Controls — Orenco's Controls Division built hundreds of custom panels in the first quarter of 2013 and OEM sales are up 20%. Little wonder. They're "insanely better products" too, built with touchsafe components from name-brand manufacturers ... protected by stainless steel enclosures ... produced in a UL-certified 508A and 698A shop.  "I can't imagine trying to run our wastewater and potable water plants without relying on Orenco's TCOM telemetry panel," said Brian Boswell, senior project engineer for a large casino-resort SCADA system. Click here for a Custom Controls Brochure.

AdvanTex a "Top Product" in 2012

AdvanTex Treatment Systems were named a “2012 Top Products” by Rural Builder.

What do AdvanTex Treatment Systems around the world have in common? They keep winning awards. The latest? Rural Builder's "2012 Top 10 Products" award.

Rural Builder honored the entire AdvanTex product line and its use of "recirculating media filters to produce clear, odorless effluent with outstanding nutrient-reduction, suitable for subsurface irrigation or surface discharge after disinfection (where regulations permit)." It also noted that "Using less than 2 kwh per 1,000 gallons treated, it [AdvanTex] is LEED eligible, as is all the AdvanTex line."

In 2012, our products and projects were described in 40 articles read by approximately three million people. Here are links to a few additional stories that have appeared in the past couple of months:

"Self contained effluent sewer system allows development of an Alberta green community"
Environmental Science & Engineering, December 2012

"Improving treatment to improve treatment: How a new wastewater system saved Soyo Hospital"
WATER New Zealand, November 2012 

"Telemetry control"
WaterWorld, Nov/Dec 2012

Upcoming Wastewater Workshops

In 2012, Orenco's wastewater experts provided trainings to more than 1000 people all over the world. You can still sign up for our April and May 2013 workshops, which are being held at Orenco's Sutherlin, Oregon headquarters. CEUs and PDHs available.

April 8-11 Workshops:

  • Effluent Sewer Design, Installation, and Operation
  • Commercial/Municipal AdvanTex Design, Installation, and Operation

May 13-16 Workshops:
  • Wastewater Boot Camp
  • Control Panels A to Z
  • Pumps O&M Short Course

New Case Studies Describe WW Challenges

When wastewater is needed in the world's pristine environments, the challenges can be immense: environmental, operational, and financial. Here are three new write-ups describing recent Orenco projects in wildly different locations and terrain:

Sunset Bay, TN — The developers of a 750-home lakefront resort adjacent to a Forest & Wildlife Management Area in Tennessee needed a wastewater solution that could consistently meet the stringent nitrate requirements set by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. The solution also had to be modular due to slow build-out. An on-lot AdvanTex secondary treatment system was paired with an Orenco Effluent Sewer System, in an innovative approach that met environmental requirements and kept developers' costs to a minimum.

Adams View, WA — The Yakama Nation wished to rehabilitate some of its tribal housing in rural central Washington, but couldn't do so without rehabilitating an overloaded sand filter, too. Three phases of AdvanTex systems later, the Nation now has 10 AX100 units and 5 AX-Max units handling nearly 55,000 gpd flows. The system is maintained by a local part-time operator who traveled to Orenco for one of our annual "Operator Workshops."

St. Constantin Village Hotel, Greece — The owners of a luxury hotel on Crete needed a replacement for its failed wastewater treatment system that could meet permit limits of 25/25 BOD5/TSS. Equally as important, they required a solution that could be shoehorned into the hotel's existing built-out site and be completely, transparently odorless. Project engineer Georgios Dialynas designed an interior, six-unit AdvanTex AX100 system that met all the client's criteria.

New Line Card

Here's an undated version of our Orenco Line Card, which indicates the range of our products and services. But Orenco has literally thousands of water/wastewater products. If you don't see something you need, give us a call: 800-348-9843 or +1-541-459-4449. 








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12/19/13 Update

  • Introducing Fiberglass Access Risers and Lids
  • The Science Behind AdvanTex
  • Texas Community Replaces Failing ATU with AdvanTex
  • See Us (and Hear Bob) at Pumper Booth #4010
  • Orenco HQ Hosting 18 Days of Technical Workshops


9/15/13 Update

  • See Us at WEFTEC Booth #1061
  • "Lifecycle Costs" Presentation was 20+ Years in the Making
  • Fall/Winter Training Schedule is Shaping Up
  • Updated Product Catalogs Now Available


3/26/13 Update

  • "Insanely Better Products"
  • AdvanTex a "Top Product" in 2012
  • Upcoming Wastewater Workshops
  • New Case Studies Described
    WW Challenges
  • New Line Card