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12/11/09 Update 

Documented O&M Costs for Effluent Sewers

Orenco's Asset Management department has produced a new, 4-page Technology Fact Sheet: Orenco Effluent Sewer Systems: Operational Cost -- On-lot Components (NFS-EFS-OM-1). Based on decades of compiled data, and years in the making, this paper fills a crucial information void about the life-cycle costs of Effluent Sewers.

When researching, bidding, and selecting a sewer system, community leaders and their consulting engineers often focus on up-front capital costs. To make a financially sustainable decision, however, they also need to evaluate routine O&M costs and future R&R costs. These life-cycle costs vary greatly by technology. They also vary greatly from system to system, depending on the quality of the installed equipment and the community's O&M protocols (e.g., proactive vs. reactive).

This Fact Sheet shows that the O&M cost for a watertight Orenco Effluent Sewer averages only $10 per month per residence ... significantly less than the cost to maintain a gravity sewer or a grinder sewer. For more information, contact Orenco Systems, 800-348-9843, and ask to speak to someone in the Engineered Systems department.


It's Not So Hard Being Green, After All

Orenco's booth at Greenbuild 2009 attracted countless architects, builders and LEED consultants, as well as the local ABC affiliate, which featured Orenco on the evening news. Hundreds of booth visitors looking for sustainable wastewater treatment seemed pleasantly surprised to discover Orenco's low-energy-cost, reliable treatment technologies.

"Many discussions at the booth started with requests for greywater treatment, at both the commercial and residential scale," said Geoff Salthouse, an Orenco project engineer who has taken the lead on many projects where sustainability was key. "Most of them wanted 'landscape-irrigation'-quality reuse water. Many of them were surprised that we could deliver water of that quality from raw sewage -- not greywater -- with a simple, low-energy, low-maintenance system. Now we're talking with designers and builders about projects in several countries."

To minimize the amount of paper literature they handed out, Geoff and his colleagues directed visitors to a Greenbuild page on Orenco's Web site where they could find information about our sustainable wastewater treatment technologies. Follow the link below to the Web page. If you haven't browsed these materials before, a good first step would be to download the "Environmental Profile" for AdvanTex and "Environmental Profile" for Effluent Sewers, which summarize the green attributes of these technologies. In addition, they explain how our technologies help property owners qualify for LEED certification.


Orenco on Social Media

Orenco has a Facebook page (Orenco Systems, Inc.) and a Twitter account (Orenco_Systems). We use these to spread information about upcoming trainings, updates to our Web site, interesting projects, new products, and trade shows we're going to. Follow us, and let us know what you're doing, too.

11/17/09 Update 

Video Explains Effluent Sewer for All Audiences

A short animated video explaining Orenco Effluent Sewers is available in the Engineered Solutions section of our Web site. It's suitable for a wide variety of audiences, including developers, municipal officials, consulting engineers, and the general public. Without narration, the video creatively shows how the on-lot, collection, and treatment components of an effluent sewer and AdvanTex Treatment System work. It also shows some of the technology's advantages over gravity sewer, such as economical and non-disruptive construction.


WEFTEC Booth Brings New Markets and Opportunities

Although attendance at October's WEFTEC Conference was down from last year, traffic at Orenco's Engineered Solutions booth was up. "There was a lot of interest both in representation and in projects. And the international inquiries were phenomenal," said Grant Denn, Orenco's Engineered Systems Manager. "We had a lot of project inquiries, including questions from regulators and funding agencies. We should see some projects come from them. Plus, we introduced the new AX-Facility at the show and received positive response on that as well."

The Orenco Controls group also was busy at the show. Brent Ballow, Controls Manager, said, "We're lining up some new OEM accounts, including a couple that were referred by existing OEM accounts." A large TCOM panel, capable of controlling 30 pumps, drew a lot of attention at the booth. "It was the biggest electrical control panel in the place, said Ballow. "Our suppliers were bringing people over to see it, and even our competitors were commenting on its size and on the quality of workmanship."


New Features Added to MVP Panels

We're redesigning our MVP series of control panels to take advantage of the features of a new and improved LOGO controller from Siemens. New features include the following:

  • Instead of separate panels for timed dosing and on-demand dosing, our new Dual-Mode (DM) MVP panels accommodate both, with the user selecting the mode.

  • Resettable counters are available for the ETM, CT, and alarm events. Non-resettable totalized values will be viewable on separate screens.

  • The totalized elapsed time meter is displayed in hours and minutes.

  • When an alarm condition occurs, the display indicates the cause of the alarm, and the alarm activation time and date will be shown as well.

  • A float status screen shows the position of the floats.

MVP-S DM panels are shipping with the new LOGO controller now. We expect that, by January 1, 2010, all of our standard MVP panels will be using it.

Follow the links below to download sample MVP-S DM setting and operating instructions. For more information, contact your Orenco Distributor, or call Orenco at (800) 348-9843.

10/16/09 Update 

Spaceport America Chooses AdvanTex Treatment System

Spaceport America, the first commercial spaceport, has chosen a 30,000-gpd AdvanTex Treatment System to serve its Welcome Center/hangar/launch complex. Located in a remote area of New Mexico, the facility has already hosted several research flights into the upper atmosphere. When the Welcome Center is completed next year, the spaceport will be the base for tourist flights offered by Virgin Galactic.

The treatment system involves eight AX100 pods and 60,000 gallons of primary tankage, plus anoxic and recirculation tanks. Discharge is via a drip system with a 20,000-gallon discharge tank.

In designing the system, engineers from Molzen-Corbin and Associates had to accommodate highly variable expected flows. In normal operations, the system will see just a few hundred gallons per day. But during high-profile launch events, the system will handle up to 30,000 gallons per day.

The Welcome Center has been designed to qualify for a LEED Gold rating, based partly on the low power consumption of the AdvanTex system, as well as reuse of the treated effluent for drip irrigation.

Spaceport America conceptual image above courtesy of URS/Foster + Partners



AdvanTex Showcased in Maryland's Bay Restoration Program

Maryland's Bay Restoration Fund replaces failing wastewater treatment systems with nitrogen-removing advanced treatment systems. To date, the fund has replaced about 800 systems, and nearly 200 of these are Orenco's AdvanTex systems.

When U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials visited Maryland to study the project's success, Maryland Department of the Environment officials invited Orenco dealer Bob Johnson of Atlantic Solutions Ltd. to present information about AdvanTex. On October 6, Johnson led officials from the county, state, and EPA on a tour of AdvanTex sites and showed them an AX20 installation in progress.

"AdvanTex was chosen because we could show them an installation in progress, and because of the high success rate we have had in Calvert County," said Johnson. "EPA was impressed by the two-way communications with the VeriComm control panel and by the low power consumption. We visited a site that has been operating for more than 18 months and showed them a sample with a turbidity of less than 3 NTU. This was visual proof to them that the system really works."

9/18/09 Update 

AdvanTex® AX-Facility™ for Flows up to 1 MGD

Orenco's new AdvanTex AX-Facility is a complete custom-designed treatment building capable of handling flows up to 1 MGD, an ideal size for small communities or development on the urban fringe. The facility can be designed to meet strict nutrient limits or re-use standards.

Providing the same outstanding performance as our AdvanTex® textile treatment pods, the AX-Facility is housed within a single climate-controlled building that offers an improved working environment for operators and efficient O&M activities.

Compared with activated sludge and membrane systems, AX-Facility's energy footprint incurs                                                  a small fraction of the power costs, saving property owners and utilities thousands of dollars in energy bills.

AX-Facility can be preceded by any collection technology -- effluent sewer, gravity sewer, grinder sewer, or vacuum sewer.

To learn more, visit the AX-Facility Web page or contact Tristian Bounds, P.E., at (800) 348-9843 x 236.  


See Us at WEFTEC® October 10-14

We'll be at the WEFTEC 2009 Technical Exhibition and Conference in Orlando, Florida, October 10-14. Stop by Booth 1757 to tell us about your project!

In addition to showcasing our new AdvanTex AX-Facility (see above article), we'll have information about our Effluent Sewers for community wastewater collection, Orenco AdvanTex Treatment Systems, TCOM telemetry controls, and Orenco procurement services.

Electrical engineers from the Orenco Controls Group will also be available to discuss custom controls for water monitoring, municipal lift stations, fire suppression systems, industrial energy management, and more.






Pennsylvania Approves AdvanTex as 

First Nitrogen-Reducing System

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has approved AdvanTex AX20 and AX100 Treatment Systems as the first and only "Alternate Onlot Wastewater Technology" appropriate for nitrogen-reduction, from single-family homes up to 10,000 gpd.

The approval states that, "This system has demonstrated that it can produce an effluent equal to or better than 10 mg/L BOD5/CBOD5 and 10 mg/L TSS as monthly averages... When the system is used to reduce total nitrogen, the discharge limitations for total nitrogen should be less than 20 mg/L as a monthly average."

To earn the approval, AdvanTex was installed and field-tested at 11 sites across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, on 3-4 bedroom homes having at least three occupants. Each system was sampled monthly for a minimum of 1 year; 9 of the 11 systems were sampled for 2-3 years. NSF International was the third-party organization commissioned to administer this rigorous field-testing program.

Also, this spring, the first commercial AdvanTex system installed in Pennsylvania, the Village of East Salem Wastewater Treatment Plant, won a Diamond Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Pennsylvania (ACEC/PA). Designed by CET Engineering Services of Harrisburg, the plant involves gravity collection to large primary tanks, with secondary treatment provided by six AX100 pods. The ACEC/PA Diamond Awards "recognize the outstanding contributions of Pennsylvania engineering firms for enhancing the social and economic welfare of the Commonwealth and its citizens."  

8/31/09 Update 

LEED Benefits of Orenco Products

With increasing interest in environmental sustainability and efficiency, more builders and renovators are seeking LEED Certification for their projects. We've already sent you info about our Fact Sheets that help explain potential LEED credits for Orenco's AdvanTex Treatment Systems (AHO-FS-ATX-3) and Effluent Sewers (AHO-FS-EFS-5). Our new LEED Fact Sheet (AHO-FS-RSF-1) does the same for Orenco's Sand Filters. Potential sources of LEED credits for using sand filters include their low power consumption, which facilitates the use of power generated onsite, and the minimal site disturbance involved in installing them. You can download all our LEED Fact Sheets in the new Engineered Solutions section of our Web site.





OEM Services from Orenco Controls

Orenco Controls is the division of Orenco that makes control panels, not only for wastewater treatment systems, but for other industrial and utility equipment as well. Orenco Controls also does contract (OEM) manufacturing of controls for manufacturers of industrial products that require an alarm panel or control panel as a peripheral component. Follow the link below to download a brochure that summarizes our OEM capabilities. We're trying to spread the word about this capability, so if your work (or hobby) brings you into contact with non-wastewater manufacturers who might need controls, please pass this information along to them. To learn more about our standard and custom control panels, visit

7/31/09 Update 

How to Analyze the True Life-Cycle Costs of 

Community Wastewater Systems

An article titled "Choosing Your Community Wastewater System: A Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Can Prevent Financial Woes," written by Tyler Molatore, a Regional Engineer for Orenco, appeared in the Fall, 2008 issue of the Water Street Journal, published by the Iowa Rural Water Association. The article discusses how small municipalities can compare the real life-cycle costs of alternative sewer technologies.

Although both effluent sewers and grinder sewers have advantages in comparison with gravity sewer for small communities, effluent sewers have significantly lower costs for pump replacement and pump power. Effluent sewers also rarely require lift stations. And because they provide primary treatment, reducing solids volume, they can be followed by less costly secondary treatment facilities, such as a media filter, constructed wetland, or lagoon. The article contains cost data collected by Energenecs, a Wisconsin consulting company (now an Orenco distributor) that specializes in life-cycle cost analysis for its clients.


Two Options for Equalizing Flow on Sloping Drainfields

On a sloping dispersal area, it is necessary to equalize flow in pressurized distribution laterals, from the top to the bottom of the slope. Your first option is an Orenco flow control assembly, which includes flow control discs inside the unions. Orenco can help you calculate the correct orifice size for these discs.

If a flow control assembly isn't an option, it may be necessary to install a valve on each lateral to adjust the head and equalize the flow. Don't use a ball valve for this; ball valves are approved only for shutting off flow completely. Instead, use our VG high pressure gate valves, which are approved for use in controlling flows when "throttling" capabilities are desired. They have a screw-in, faucet-type handle, which makes precision adjustments much easier. They also cost less. 






7/10/09 Update 

An AdvanTex Treatment System That Goes 

Where Treatment is Needed

Orenco has introduced the Mobile Wastewater System (MWS), a complete, self-contained AdvanTex Treatment System installed in a freight container so it can be hauled to remote locations or set up for temporary service.

"The MWS is ideal for oil fields, mining and military camps, firefighter base camps, disaster relief stations, or any other remote location where better-than-secondary treatment levels are needed from a mobile wastewater system," said Tristian Bounds, research and development engineer. "It has injection-molded structural insulation panels and can include an enclosed heating unit as an option. So it's also ideal for locations where permafrost prevents system burial."

How mobile is it? Any vehicle or aircraft capable of hauling a shipping container can transport an MWS. This makes it nearly as mobile as a bank of portable plastic outhouses -- but with the treatment capability of a community wastewater system.

Dependability is also important in extreme environments. So our mobile AdvanTex system has been designed to be durable and easy to maintain. For example, it uses a new recirculation method with fewer components. That's important when you're 1,000 miles from the nearest plumbing supplier.

The first MWS is shipping to Alaska this month, to provide wastewater treatment for workers on the Alaska Pipeline. If you have an application for an MWS, or just want more information, call Tristian Bounds at (541) 459-4449, ext. 236.  


New Design Package Explains Shallow Pressurized Dispersal Systems

More than 90% of microorganisms and 40% of plant roots -- which remove nutrients from wastewater -- occur in the top 16 inches of the soil column. Shallow Pressurized Dispersal Systems (SPDSs -- formerly known as "Shallow Gravelless Drainfields") are an excellent way to disperse high-quality treated effluent to this shallow, biologically active layer of soil. And they allow for higher hydraulic loading rates, compared with conventional drainfields, as long as most of the organic material is removed by advanced treatment prior to dispersal.

Not only do SPDSs deliver the benefits of drip irrigation in a simpler, less expensive way, but they are also a low-impact method of installing a dispersal field. Lines can be excavated with a rotary tiller and a shovel to minimize impact on ecologically sensitive areas. And they can be routed around vegetation and other landscape features to further minimize site impact.

Orenco's SPDS Design Aid Package (RDA-SPDS-1-PKG) contains the information you need to understand, design, test, and install an SPDS system. It includes the following documents:

Orenco Design Aid - Shallow Pressurized Dispersal Systems Introduction, RDA-SPDS-1
Orenco Design Aid - Pump Selection for Pressurized Drainfields, NDA-PU-HYD-2
Orenco Technical Data Sheet - Shallow Pressurized Dispersal Systems, NTD-DF-SPDS-1
Orenco Instructions - Installation Guide: Shallow Pressurized Dispersal Systems, NIN-SPDS-1
Orenco Instructions - Orenco Infiltration Test Kit, NIN-TST-SET-1

6/12/09 Update

OnlineRME Offers a New Way to Manage Onsite Systems

Orenco is pleased to announce the formation of OnlineRME, LLC, a collaboration between Orenco Systems®, Inc. and eOnsite, LLC, of Poulsbo, Washington. We formed this new company to deliver OnlineRME™, a Web-based management tool for decentralized wastewater systems. OnlineRME incorporates features of eOnsite.NET® and Orenco's own Web-based management system for service providers, OnlineRME enables regulators to manage the onsite wastewater systems in their jurisdictions, in accordance with the EPA's "Voluntary National Guidelines for Management of Onsite and Clustered (Decentralized) Wastewater Treatment Systems."

Using OnlineRME, service providers, regulators, system manufacturers, and members of the public all get the information they need to ensure that onsite systems are functioning properly and receiving required maintenance. The system is funded entirely by minimal reporting fees paid by service providers -- no funds come from the regulatory jurisdiction.

Currently, more than 250,000 onsite systems are being tracked and monitored via this innovative software, and more than 84,000 O&M reports and 40,000 pumping reports have been submitted. Analysis shows that, as inspections increase and deficiencies are noted and attended to, failures decline. As a consequence, system life is extended, property owners save money, and public health is protected.

You can understand why we see OnlineRME, LLC as much more than a software company. OnlineRME, LLC is offering a self-funding model of sustainable management to the regulatory community.

To learn more about the specific functions of OnlineRME, visit From there, you can arrange an online demonstration or contact Eric Evans, the Program Manager, for more information.


Recent Articles Showcase Effluent Sewer Projects

"Small, Green, and Useful" -- This article, written by the EPA's Robert Freeman and Joyce Hudson, profiles effluent sewer systems that are overseen by South Alabama Utilities, Mobile Area Water and Sewer System, Rutherford County Consolidated Utility District (in Tennessee), and the Serenbe Community (in Georgia). The writers make strong statements attesting to the fact that these systems are 25-50% less expensive than central sewers and are less costly to operate. It appeared in the March 2009 issue of Water Environment & Technology.





"O&M Considerations for STEP Systems" -- This article, written by Mike Saunders, Orenco's National Accounts Leader, also appeared in the March, 2009 issue of Water Environment & Technology magazine. The article debunks the notion that O&M for STEP systems is costlier than that for conventional sewers and suggests methods for keeping STEP system O&M costs low.

Read the article online





5/5/09 Update

For Preference on Stimulus Grants, Deadline is June 16: 

Can We Help?

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) includes $6 billion in capitalization grants for Clean Water State Revolving Funds (CWSRF) and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds (DWSRF). The act also requires that at least 20% of each State's capitalization grant be used for projects referred to as the "Green Project Reserve." An EPA guidance memorandum issued March 2 (downloadable below) contains examples of projects eligible for the Green Project Reserve. These include Environmentally Innovative Projects as outlined on pages 45-46 (Attachment 7) of the guidance memorandum. Decentralized wastewater treatment solutions to existing deficient or failing onsite systems are listed specifically in section III(a) of this document.

Projects submitted by June 16 will receive preference when grants are awarded. Orenco's Engineered Systems group is actively working on several projects that qualify for funding under the ARRA, but you may have other projects that, with the appropriate attention, can qualify for funding. If you have any project opportunities that you believe would qualify, please give us a call to discuss how Orenco can help you get those projects moving.


AdvanTex Passes Pennsylvania's Multi-Year Field-Test Verification

Orenco's AdvanTex AX20 is the first residential advanced treatment system to pass Pennsylvania's multi-year field-test protocol. The protocol was developed by the state, Orenco, and NSF. NSF also carried out the testing protocol on the state's behalf. Eleven AX20s were tested for 1-3 years. Influent and effluent samples were collected and analyzed for cBOD5, TSS, nitrogen species, temperature, alkalinity, pH, and fecal coliform. More than 3500 sample analyses were performed. Here are the results:

  • cBOD5: 6 mg/L average; 4 mg/L median

  • TSS: 10 mg/L average; 5 mg/L median

  • NH3: 1.7 mg/L average; 0.6 mg/L median

  • NO3: 14 mg/L average; 12 mg/L median

  • TN: 17 mg/L average; 16 mg/L median

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is currently reviewing the final report. Orenco will be seeking approval as an "Alternate System" that is capable of reducing BOD, TSS, and nitrogen.

AdvanTex has now passed rigorous, extended field-testing programs in four East Coast states -- Virginia, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania -- with a Massachusetts test in progress. Field-testing is becoming widely recognized as the "gold standard" for evaluation of biological treatment systems. For testing results, download the following AdvanTex Performance Summaries:

3/20/09 Update

EasyPak Simplifies Design of Residential Pump Tank Systems

Orenco's new Biotube EasyPak is the first pump package designed specifically for use in residential pump tanks. Instead of specifying parts and pieces, you can order a package that comes in a box, ensuring that the installer will stick to your spec. Packages for timed dosing are available, making it easy to implement timed dosing, the preferred method for optimizing drainfield treatment and preserving drainfield life. The installer gets an easy-to-install package, and the homeowner gets a reliable turbine pump in a filtered vault that protects the drainfield from solids. Follow the link below to learn more, get spec sheets, and download EasyPak Select software, which helps you select the correct system for your application.







NOWRA Presentation Describes How Designers and 

Vendors can Collaborate

At the NOWRA conference April 6-9, AdvanTex Dealer Dave Cotton, of Wastewater Technologies, Inc. (WTI) in New York, will present a paper titled, "I Didn't Know My Dealer Could Do That!: The Equipment Provider's Role in Quality Control of Decentralized Wastewater Systems." He will describe two projects in rural New York that involved new community collection and treatment systems.

In Schodack Landing, WTI suggested design changes that reduced the installation expense, helped develop a phased construction plan that reduced community disruption, and proposed a telemetry monitoring system that reduced the operator's time on site. In East Schodack, WTI worked with the construction company to simplify the installation process, and worked with regulators to resolve a cold-weather nitrification performance problem.

These cases show how a collaborative relationship between the designer and the equipment vendor can make a wastewater project better. After the conference, follow the link below to order a copy of Dave's paper, or the whole conference proceedings volume, from NOWRA.

2/13/09 Update 

New Air Release Valves for Effluent Collection Lines 

Resist Clogging

Designers and operators have told us they'd love to have better air release valves for their effluent sewer lines. Typical air release valves have small orifices that are prone to plugging, even with a pre-filter in the line. Plugged lines and reduced flows cost operators money and maintenance time. To solve this problem, Orenco has sourced new automatic air release valves and redesigned our air release piping for reliable performance with less maintenance.

The new ARB40 and ARB21 valves are automatic combination air/vacuum release valves with large orifice valve designs that make screening unnecessary. Both are suitable for use on all pressure pipelines. In addition, the ARB21 has an air gap at the top of the valve that prevents fluid contact with the sealing mechanism. This makes it ideal for use in applications with continuous high-volume flows, such as pressure sewer mainlines.

Orenco's ARA air release assembly has also been redesigned. Now there's no need to replace piping when you upgrade to an automatic valve. To convert from manual to automatic operation, just remove a threaded plug and install an automatic valve. The assembly no longer has a pre-filter, and a 1/4-in. NPT port has been added to make it easy and convenient to install a pressure gauge and monitor the line.

Using Orenco's ARA air releases, systems can be designed with manual valves and then upgraded later to automatic valves, if necessary. This saves time and money and gives you more control over the features of your system. Now that's a breath of fresh air!


AdvanTex Treatment System Replaces Activated Sludge Plant in Texas

In August 2007, a dilapidated 30-year-old activated sludge plant serving 78 connections in Morgan's Point Resort, Texas, gave up the ghost. For three months, the city had to truck out the waste. Fortunately, a new facility built around the AdvanTex Treatment System was already under construction.

Originally, superintendent Robert Russell and the city council had been planning to install a conventional package plant, but a change in regulations made that impossible. Russell began to research alternative treatment technologies, and learned about Orenco's AdvanTex textile filter technology. This packed-bed technology requires less operator attention and consumes less energy than the activated sludge process. After visiting an installation in Arkansas, Russell and the council decided to go with the AdvanTex system.

In operation since November 2007, the 30,000-gpd AdvanTex Treatment System has already outshone the old system in two important ways: It makes less noise than the old plant did, and none of the plant's neighbors have complained about odors.

The new system has also improved the quality of the effluent to less than 4 mg/L BOD and almost no TSS. This will enable the town to get a permit to discharge effluent directly to Lake Belton when it's too rainy to irrigate the field where effluent is currently dispersed.

While visiting the AdvanTex system in Arkansas, Russell found a potential solution to another problem at Morgan's Point Resort. The city of 3,000 would like to expand sewer service to homes currently served by septic systems. An effluent (STEP) sewer like the Orenco Effluent Sewer in the Arkansas community would make that feasible. And an effluent sewer would also make it possible for landowners to develop lots that are currently unbuildable because they're too small for septic systems. Russell is interested in exploring this option for Morgan's Point Resort, also.

For the whole story, follow the link below to download a copy of an article about Morgan's Point Resort from the March/April 2008 issue of the Texas Rural Water Association Newsletter.


Latest Operator News Gives Tips and New Product Info

The January '09 issue of our Operator News was recently mailed to operators of Orenco Effluent Sewer Systems and AdvanTex AX100 Treatment Systems. It contains information on Orenco's Certified Packages and new air release assemblies and valves, as well as operator tips, a brief mention of environmental groups' endorsement of effluent sewers for Los Osos, California, and reminders about control panel wiring. To download it, follow the link.




1/16/09 Update 

SkyHarvester Systems Can Meet Diverse Rainwater Needs

Last summer, in response to a request from West Coast markets, we developed a new tank system, called SkyHarvester, for collecting, storing, and pumping rainwater. The SkyHarvester system includes a tank and a pumping package, flow diverter and collection components (with filtration), and a control panel with various distribution options. Filtered rainwater (or water reclaimed from other sources) is stored in the underground tank and can be dispensed manually, on demand, or via timed dosing.

Applications include irrigation, vehicle washing, ponds and fountains, and fire suppression, as well as other indoor nonpotable applications such as toilet flushing, where those are permitted. Tanks as large as 50,000 gal. are available, as are arrays of tanks.

If you see a need for rainwater systems in your area, give us a call. This is a highly customized product, and we can build SkyHarvester systems tailored to the needs of any region or industry.


Sewer and Septic Systems Need Similar TLC, Says WEF

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) publishes three brochures that utilities or septic installers can hand out to customers to teach them good waste-disposal habits. These brochures reinforce the message that gravity sewers require the same attention to good household practices that onsite treatment systems require. Consequently, the brochures can help counter users' concerns about decentralized wastewater systems, including onsite systems and pressure sewers.

Fat-Free Sewers shows how to dispose of cooking grease in homes and businesses. Drug-Free Drains describes proper disposal of drugs and personal care products. Sustainability Starts At Your Sink explains how to reduce household use of hazardous chemicals, and suggests how to dispose of them properly instead of dumping them down the drain.

The brochures are available as bill stuffers or as brochures, and the Fat-Free Sewers bill stuffer is published in a bilingual English/Spanish version.



Orenco Signs Irish Distributor

EPS Pumping and Treatment Systems, Ireland's largest designer and supplier of treatment systems for water and wastewater, has signed a distribution agreement with Orenco. EPS will be Orenco's exclusive distributor in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, and will also expand distribution into England and Wales.

EPS already has several projects under way -- for example, a pilot effluent sewer project at Kiltillane in County Tipperary -- that showcase the environmental benefits and financial advantages of Orenco's technologies, including our AdvanTex Treatment System.


12/11/09 Update

  • Documented O&M Costs for Effluent Sewers
  • It's Not So Hard Being Green, After All
  • Orenco on Social Media


11/17/09 Update

  • Video Explains Effluent Sewer for All Audiences
  • WEFTEC Booth Brings New Markets and Opportunities
  • New Features Added to MVP Panels


10/16/09 Update

  • Spaceport America Chooses AdvanTex Treatment System
  • AdvanTex Showcased in Maryland's Bay Restoration Program


9/18/09 Update

  • AdvanTex® AX-Facility™ for Flows up to 1 MGD
  • See Us at WEFTEC® October 10-14
  • Pennsylvania Approves AdvanTex as First Nitrogen-Reducing System


8/31/09 Update

  • LEED Benefits of Orenco Products
  • OEM Services from Orenco Controls


7/31/09 Update

  • How to Analyze the True Life-Cycle Costs of Community Wastewater Systems
  • Two Options for Equalizing Flow on Sloping Drainfields


7/10/09 Update

  • An AdvanTex Treatment System That Goes Where Treatment is Needed
  • New Design Package Explains Shallow Pressurized Dispersal Systems


6/12/09 Update

  • OnlineRME Offers a New Way to Manage Onsite Systems
  • Recent Articles Showcase Effluent Sewer Projects


5/5/09 Update

  • For Preference on Stimulus Grants, Deadline is June 16: Can We Help?
  • AdvanTex Passes Pennsylvania's Multi-Year Field-Test Verification


3/20/09 Update

  • EasyPak Simplifies Design of Residential Pump Tank Systems
  • NOWRA Presentation Describes How Designers and Vendors can Collaborate


2/13/09 Update

  • New Air Release Valves for Effluent Collection Lines Resist Clogging
  • AdvanTex Treatment System Replaces Activated Sludge Plant in Texas
  • Latest Operator News Gives Tips and New Product Info


1/16/09 Update

  • SkyHarvester Systems Can Meet Diverse Rainwater Needs
  • Sewer and Septic Systems Need Similar TLC, Says WEF
  • Orenco Signs Irish Distributor