Protecting our valuable resources is the goal.  Ensuring that it happens is our job.

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Long Term Performance

Orenco's philosophy is uniquely oriented toward long term performance of its wastewater systems.  We respect the job you do and have made investments to ensure the adequate management of all of our collection and treatment solutions.  We understand that for any technology to work long-term, ongoing monitoring and servicing is a necessity, and so is the manufacturer's support.  We stand by our word in supporting customers' long-term needs and  have a dedicated asset management team to work with owners and operators to ensure systems perform.

As the EPA acknowledges, a decentralized wastewater system can be an environmentally sustainable, permanent solution when adequately managed by a responsible management entity.  As a service to our customers, we help them analyze life cycle costs so they can plan for repair and replacement to ensure long term integrity and performance.   

We're also proud to announce our affiliation with OnlineRME™, a web-based service enabling regulators to manage wastewater systems with the participation of service providers, system manufacturers, and other stakeholders.