Expandable, right-sized wastewater installations meet your customers' needs without the financial burden of over-sized traditional sewer design.

Champion Hills Subdivision
South Alabama Utilities

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Opportunities With Decentralized Wastewater

Utilities looking to expand their service areas or service options should take a good look at decentralized wastewater.  Decentralized infrastructure, such as effluent sewer collection and onsite AdvanTex treatment can be installed quickly and with much less impact than traditional gravity systems and centralized treatment.  Our custom telemetry controls enable utility operators to remotely monitor their systems; we can even integrate with existing SCADA systems.  

Expand-as-you-go construction, durable equipment, and minimal O&M characteristics point toward a solid business case for Orenco technology.  Our engineers are here every step of the way to support your company's vision for growth.

See how one of our utility customers, South Alabama Utilities took advantage of decentralized wastewater to expand its service area in the competitive Mobile, Alabama market.