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Throughout the Virgin Islands and the wider Caribbean, Orenco’s sewer collection and treatment technology protect local water resources.


US Virgin Islands Case Study

USVI Case Study Phased System Allows for Future Expansion

Sugar Beach Case Study

ST. Lucia Case Study
AX-Mobile Solution for Emergency Treatment

AX100 Brochure Decentralized Wastewater Treatment

AX-Max Brochure Decentralized Wastewater Treatment

AX-Mobile Brochure Portable, Proven Wastewater Treatment

Complete, Portable Solution for Wastewater Treatment

The AX-Mobile Treatment System is completely pre-packaged and built inside a durable, insulated fi berglass tank that is easy to transport and set. Ship by truck, rail, cargo container, or aircraft.

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Current ground water during sea level rise


From the mountains to the beaches, preserve YOUR favorite USVI hideaway with a robust wastewater solution.




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Almost 40% of the US Virgin Island is not served by centralized sewer.

Orenco decentralized collection and treatment systems bring location flexibility for residential or commercial developments. Noiseless, odorless, and out-of-mind.

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Current ground water during sea level rise