Sea Level Rise

Is Your Sewer Resilient?

When sea levels rise, yesterday’s wastewater solutions become today’s problems. Prelos Sewer is the answer for building resilient sewer infrastructure.

As sea levels rise, both gravity sewer and septic systems allow untreated wastewater to comingle with sea water and storm water. Prelos Sewer is the best, most economical choice for watertight, economical sewer infrastructure.

  • Watertight, liquid-only sewer
  • Partially treats wastewater at the source
  • Shallow-buried systems
  • Equipment typically located above flood elevation
  • Can be “surgically” deployed to address failing septic systems
  • Save time, save money, protect coastal waters
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From; based on NOAA projection curves. 

Current ground water during sea level rise


Future ground water during sea level rise


Yesterday's Solutions are Today's Problems

“The smell is really bad. It’s a beautiful day, we couldn’t have the windows open, the doors open. We had to keep everything closed up.”

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King Tides

Contamination is a real possibility.

As sea levels rise, the flooding during king tides will likely damage septic systems causing a real threat to human health and to drinking water.

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Algae Blooms

Septic tanks failure from sea level rise is exacerbating the problem of algae blooms and foul-smelling rivers.

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The Resilient Wastewater Solution

The most resilient wastewater system should be constructed from corrosion-resistant materials, be sealed against intrusion of any surface or ground water, and should be accessible for servicing, even when the right-of-way is flooded. Prelos Sewer is the solution for this emerging problem.



How We Can Help

Prelos Sewer is the best, most economical solution, because it ...

  • Uses small-diameter, shallow-bury pipe
  • Can be minimally buried
  • Offers significant cost savings and options for wastewater treatment
  • Can be installed with trenchless construction methods, reducing negative impact to communities and properties
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