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Prelos® – The Next Step in Sewer Evolution

Prelos: Pressurized Liquid-Only Sewer

Prelos: Pressurized Liquid-Only Sewer

The Modern Sewer Solution

Prelos is the answer for community sewer, offering low life-cycle and initial capital costs and enabling more cost-effective wastewater treatment. This technology is based on nearly four decades of proven sewer solutions. 

  • Pressurized liquid-only (effluent) sewer technology 
  • Eliminates the need for scouring velocities 
  • Small-diameter, liquid-only sewer lines follow grade and carry primary-treated effluent to the treatment facility 
  • Minimal community disruption during installation
  • 24 to 48hr reserve storage in each on-lot tank1 
  • Documented low life-cycle costs2 
  • Deferred capital costs on slow build-out developments 
  • Allows for smaller, lower-cost, highly efficient treatment plants3 
Prelos Processor:

The Prelos Processor is the core of the Prelos Wastewater Collection System. With the Prelos Processor, we've brought the ease of specifying, installing, operating, and maintaining a liquid-only sewer to a whole new level. Components are included and designed to work together - simply, durably, and efficiently.

  • High-quality, watertight tank package 
  • Unique “meander” design for superior solids removal and primary treatment 
  • Only liquids are conveyed to the treatment facility
  • Easy to maintain, with compatible, long-lifespan components
  • Single riser and lid provide access to all components 
  • Lightweight, easily rebuildable effluent pump can last more than 25 years4 
  • Optional industry-leading, extended 10yr limited pump warranty available 
  • Single line-item that’s easy to specify