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Free Upcoming Webinars

Orenco's training department offers free webinars covering a variety of topics, so take as many courses as you like. To register, click the link in the course description below. Also, check out our Quick Tips for accessing live webinars. 
Have questions about certificates? Wondering if you can get CEU/PDH credits for our trainings? Check out our FAQs Page for answers to these and other questions.

Residential Webinars

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Commercial Webinars

    Community Sewering with Prelos June 7

    Prelos (pressurized liquid-only sewer) is the next evolution of sewer technology. In this webinar, we'll explore the history of liquid-only (effluent) sewers and how communities can benefit from an adaptable, economically sustainable Prelos collection system.

    Knowledge Level: Advanced

    Recommendation: Attendees should have a working knowledge of wastewater treatment system design.

    This webinar is not currently eligible for Oregon OESAC CEUs.

    Learn, Design, Install: AX-Max/AX-Mobile June 14

    Conventional treatment systems are less of an option these days as more and more small communities look to other, more cost-effective, compact wastewater treatment solutions. This webinar begins with a brief history of packed-bed filters for commercial and community applications. We then shift our focus to the design and specification of the AX-Max and AX-Mobile systems, followed by an overview of installation and maintenance procedures.

    Knowledge Level: Advanced

    Prerequisite: Designing Commercial AdvanTex®

    This webinar is not currently eligible for Oregon OESAC CEUs.

    Replacing Failing Septic Systems in Ohio June 21

    The village of Christiansburg, Ohio, was plagued with failing septic systems that caused bad odors around town and high bacteria levels in a nearby creek. Learn how village leaders and engineers solved these problems effectively and efficiently – while keeping costs down for residents – with the installation of a liquid-only (effluent) sewer and an AdvanTex municipal treatment facility. This webinar gives you all the details on our award-winning project.

    Knowledge Level: Basic

    This webinar is not currently eligible for Oregon OESAC CEUs.

Operator Webinars

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Webinars on Demand

Can't make it to the live webinar? Click here to check out our list of on-demand webinars, which you can watch at your convenience.