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Welcome to the Orenco Podcast!

Every two weeks, we'll bring you new episodes of “Make It Clear” that cover timely and relevant topics in the water and wastewater industries. Our guests will also provide their unique insights as we discuss the world’s most precious resource.

While our content is mainly geared toward water and wastewater professionals, we welcome everyone who’d like to listen.

5 Myths About Liquid Only Sewers

January 18, 2022

Gravity Sewers have been in use for so long and are such a widely accepted method for transporting wastewater that many other technologies aren't as well known or have become marginalized. One of these lesser known methods that is gaining more attention is Liquid Only Sewer. This proven technology has long been hounded by outdated and unwarranted myths that David Lepre, one of our senior engineers, will help us dispel in this episode.

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The Benefits of Liquid Only Sewer

January 5, 2022

For many small communities and developments, liquid only sewer provides a lot of benefits over other technologies. Mike Saunders, our resident expert, takes some time to talk to us about the many advantages that can be leveraged by designing and implementing this technology into your project.

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"Flush and Forget" is No Longer an Option

November 23, 2021

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we are mindful of what we are flushing down the toilet or washing down the drain. It's not just the right thing to do for the environment, but it's also the right thing to do for those in our communities. Join us as we talk with Geoff Salthouse, our International team manager, about why this is so important.

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Discussing Inflow and Infiltration

November 9, 2021

Inflow and Infiltration, commonly known as I&I, are two little words that can represent huge problems for both municipal sewer and septic systems alike. In this episode, we talk with Patrick Foley, the Systems Engineering Manager at Orenco Water. We discuss the causes of I&I, how to test for it, what kinds of impacts it can have on a treatment system, and, most importantly, how it can affect the ratepayers and owners financially.

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The Importance of On-Lot Safety

October 26, 2021

If you design, install, maintain, or live with a septic system, this episode is for you! Cory Lyon, our East Region Sales Manager, joins us to talk about this critical topic. Good safety habits are important to cultivate and should be a part of everything we do in the onsite industry. Join us as we discuss why ignoring safety guidelines can cost more than just money.

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So You Need a Septic System: A Homeowner's Guide

October 12, 2021

Never had a septic system before? Don't know where to start? In this episode, Steve Sinks, our in-house expert, walks us through the process and tells us what a homeowner will need to know. We cover everything from the first steps to installation to maintenance and everything in between. If you have questions, this is where to start.

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What Should a Sewer System Really Cost?

September 28, 2021

What do you pay for your water and sewer every month? Are you getting hit with rate increases? Do you know if your utility is really charging you enough to cover their costs? Mike Sauders is back to help us understand why there is no magic number when it comes to sewer rates and what the cost of a sewer system should really be.

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Treatment for Tourism Facilities

September 14, 2021

Tourism is on the rise! That means that new tourist facilities are being built to accommodate all of those new guests. Many of these new facilities are being built in remote locations. This means they have their own unique set of challenges for wastewater and water re-use. Brian Cohen from our International team joins us to talk about what makes these facilities so different.

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The Effects of Sea Level Rise

August 31, 2021

Join us as we welcome back Mike Saunders for a look at what happens to wastewater systems when they are affected by a rising water table. Please note that this is not a discussion about global warming. We simply look at what happens to wastewater infrastructure when it is invaded by the gradual rising of water tables.

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Why Pumps Matter

August 17, 2021

Pumps are everywhere! They are in our cars, our houses, and our sewers. We use pumps all the time in manufacturing and infrastructure. This ancient technology has evolved over time and has become so commonplace that they often go unnoticed. In this episode, we talk with Steve Sinks, our resident pump guru, about what you should look for in a pump and why they are so impactful in our lives; especially when dealing with wastewater. Our PumpSelect™ program can be found at

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Why You Should Care About Water

August 3, 2021

Whether you know it or not, what happens to water affects all of us. In this episode, we talk with the manager of our International region, Geoff Salthouse. Geoff brings his insight into why potable water is a diminishing resource and why we should all care about preserving and reclaiming it.

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What Does Sustainable Sewer Look Like?

July 20, 2021

In this episode, Mike Saunders of Orenco Water returns to talk with us about sustainability in wastewater design and why it's important both economically and ecologically.

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A Case Study on Vero Beach, FL

July 6, 2021

For years, the city of Vero Beach, Florida searched for an affordable solution to their failing wastewater system. Based on the positive experiences of nearby communities, they decided on an Orenco® liquid-only sewer. Join us as we talk with Mike Saunders of Orenco Water about this project.

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The Orenco Story - Part 3

June 23, 2021

In this episode, we conclude our conversation with Jeff Ball, President of the Orenco Water Division. We'll discuss the great recession in 2008, Orenco's training efforts, and approaching our 40th anniversary.

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The Orenco Story - Part 2

June 16, 2021

Angela and I continue our discussion with Jeff Ball, President of Orenco's Water division. We talk about the challenges of growing the company, moving to our Sutherlin, Oregon location, and the early innovations that were made.

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The Orenco Story - Part 1

June 15, 2021

In this episode, Jeff Ball, President of Orenco's Water division, is our guest. Listen in as Jeff and Angela reminisce about the first time the company founders met, how the company came to be, and what it was like in the early days.

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Make It Clear

June 14, 2021

Welcome to our podcast! In our first episode, we'll introduce you to your hosts and discuss what this podcast is all about.

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