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TCOM Viewer

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TCOM Viewer

TCOM Viewer is a software interface between Windows PCs and Orenco’s TCOM remote telemetry control panels. The interface stores configurations for multiple sites, has a simplified “double-click to select” mouse interface for menu items, and offers new screen color choices for better visibility. Sites can be sorted by factory identification number or by operator-designated panel name.

The interface helps facility managers and operators take full advantage of TCOM’s SCADA functionality, such as remote access and control, plus the ability to retrieve and graph log data from monitored panels. The basic viewer is available to TCOM customers at no charge and works with virtually all TCOM panels, no matter when they were installed.

Some customers might choose to upgrade to a TCOM viewer graphical interface; this interface is a less-expensive alternative to a panel-mounted touchscreen, especially for installations that are visited only occasionally. Our controls engineers can help determine whether your site’s panel can be configured with the graphical interface.

TCOM Viewer Software Download

6/5/19 - TCOM Viewer 1.20.3 (requires Win7 or higher)

Windows V1.20.3 Download

ATRTU-TCOM Field User Guide Version 1.1

TCOM Viewer Software Download

8/22/18 - TCOM Viewer 1.20.2 (requires Win7 or higher)

  • Required for firmware version v10.01c.f or newer.
  • Backward compatible with previous generations of TCOM firmware.
Windows V1.20.2 Download

ATRTU-TCOM Field User Guide Version 1.0

TCOM Viewer Software Download

2/1/18 - Update V1.11.3

  • Compatible with Win XP and versions of firmware prior to v10.01c.f.
Windows V1.11.3 Download

PCM-NET Prior Systems Field User Guide

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