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Working Orenco-Style

We’re a team

We work hard when we’re here, support our fellow employees, and make sure our efforts help advance Orenco’s vision.

We keep learning

It’s important to always add to our skill sets, so we talk with our supervisors and take advantage of opportunities to learn more and do more, both as employees and as individuals.

We communicate

We share information about work-related problems and opportunities with our co-workers and supervisor. This makes life easier for everybody and helps Orenco improve.

We’re nice people

It sounds simplistic, but it’s important. Being kind to each other and easy to work with are a huge part of what makes this a great place to be.

We’re proactive

When a problem needs to be addressed, we deal with it openly, honestly, and offer solutions. When we see an opportunity for growth, we work with our team and our supervisor to take advantage of it.

We ask good questions

If we don’t know the answer to something, we find someone who does. There are no “dumb” questions here. We strive to create an environment where everyone can get answers and gain knowledge.

We’re balanced

Making sure we maintain a good work/life balance helps us be the kind of people others enjoy being around. We’re effective at work and well-balanced in life.

Work/Life Balance

Finding the right balance between work and the rest of your life can be a challenge sometimes. We want you to do an excellent job at work, but we also want you to have a happy life. We love where we live: lots of great people, great food and wine, and easy access to the great outdoors.

Find Your Niche

Whether you’re a manufacturing tech or an engineer, we’ve got a variety of different departments that could use your skills.