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Mobile Wastewater Treatment

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Photo of an AdvanTex AX-Mobile Portable Wastewater Treatment System at a remote work camp

A Portable, Fully-Plumbed Wastewater Treatment System

For more than a decade, Orenco’s AdvanTex® technology has provided a reliable, energy-efficient alternative for wastewater treatment in some of the world’s most remote places. The AdvanTex AX-Mobile™ is Orenco’s most portable treatment plant yet. Think of it as a “mini” onsite treatment facility, ready to go wherever you need it.

The AdvanTex AX-Mobile is an ideal package treatment system for remote sanitation or sewer needs of all kinds, including …

Applications Serving 3 to 3,000 Persons
  • Work camps, “man camps”
  • Mining, oil field, and gas camps
  • Military installations
  • Emergency sanitation, disaster relief
  • Marine facilities
  • Temporary flow increases or flow diversions
AX-Mobile Benefits 
  • Portable: Ship by truck, rail, container, or aircraft
  • Self-contained: The AX-Mobile is fully-plumbed. Set, plumb, wire, and go
  • Modular: 14’-42’ ft tanks (4.3-12.8 m) are installed singly or in multi-tank arrays
  • Versatile: Install above ground and relocate later, or below ground
  • Easy to set and operate: No advanced operator license required
  • Sustainable and energy-efficient: 1-2 kWh per 1000 treated gal. (3785 L)
  • Reuse-quality effluent: Meets stringent permit limits

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