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Composite Products

DuraFiber™ Buildings

Orenco Composites has taken the fiberglass technology developed for our wastewater markets and created high-quality, durable buildings and shelters.


Lift station controls

Chlorination and de-chlorination

Motor control centers

Power distribution centers

Process and monitoring equipment

Communication equipment

Generator housing and sound attenuation

Chemical feed and storage

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Composite Durafiber Building Durafiber® Building

Fiberglass Rectangular Tanks

Orenco Composites’ rectangular tanks are strong, durable vessels that can be used in a number of settings and industries.



Other treatment technologies & processes

Potable and non-potable water storage

Primary sewage treatment and storage

Sludge storage

Chemical storage

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Fiberglass Rectangular Tanks Fiberglass Rectangular Tanks

Basins & Wet Wells

Orenco Composites manufactures everything from simple basins with plumbing and electrical penetrations to complete basins and wet wells that are plumbed and valved.


Lift stations

Pump tanks

Mix tanks

Storage tanks

Reactor tanks

Flow splitters

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Composite Basins & Wet Wells Test Caption

Tank Covers

Orenco Composites builds hundreds of custom fiberglass components every year. We’re particularly skilled at building industrial and municipal tank covers using closed-molded construction, integral foam core with insulation values from R18-R60, integrated hatches and covers, and multiple installation designs.


Odor control

Water protection

Process protection

New or existing tanks

Algae barrier

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Composite Tank Covers Tank Cover


Orenco Composites offers multiple enclosure models and sizes, from mid-sized cabinets to our larger, dual-door valve enclosures. These corrosion-resistant enclosures provide the ultimate protection for your equipment.




Flow monitoring

UV disinfection

Chemical feed

Process equipment

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Composite Enclosures Enclosures

Innovative Fiberglass Products

Orenco Composites manufactures high-quality products for multiple industrial applications and various industries.

image of Rectangular Tanks:
Rectangular Tanks:
Durable rectangular tanks can be installed in series or as single units, either above or below ground.

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image of DuraFiber FRP Buildings:
DuraFiber FRP Buildings:
High-quality DuraFiber FRP buildings are strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant.

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image of Basins:
Custom, helically wound basins from Orenco Composites are extremely strong.

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image of Custom Covers:
Custom Covers:
We build custom covers for a variety of industries using closed-molding and filament-winding processes.

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