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Always Innovating

Orenco has been innovating since it was established in 1981. Sometimes, we’re viewed as outside the norms of the industries we serve. But that’s a good thing. Our greatest developments have come from a desire to disrupt the status quo and design products and solutions that work better.

Our branding and identity have evolved over the years, too, and they’ll continue to do so – as innovators, it’s in our DNA to grow and improve. But you can always come here to get the most current branding resources.

We’re excited about our new look. These updated logos better represent our mission of making environmentally sensitive products that help protect the world’s water. And they’re a symbol of our position as leaders in our target markets.

Orenco Corporate Colors

Graphic designers and printing companies talk about color using four different color codes: PMS, CMYK, RGB, and WEB.

Here are Orenco’s most frequently used colors in each of those four different codes:

Orenco Royal Blue
PMS #288
CMYK: C-100, M-87, Y-27, K-19
RGB: R-0, G-45, B-116
WEB: #002d74

Controls Green
PMS #2306
CMYK: C-39, M-4, Y-100, K-38
RGB: R-128, G-140, B-36
WEB: #808c24

Orenco Teal
PMS #3135
CMYK: C-100, M-23, Y-29, K-1
RGB: R-0, G-139, B-172
WEB: #008bac

Composites Red
PMS #186
CMYK: C-2, M-100, Y-85, K-6
RGB: R-200, G-16, B-46
WEB: #c70a2d

AdvanTex Green
PMS #3435
CMYK: C-93, M-24, Y-85, K-68
RGB: R-0, G-64, B-35
WEB: #004730

Torque Tan
PMS #4685
CMYK: C-2, M-15, Y-23, K-5
RGB: R-234, G-206, B-183
WEB: #e8d4bf


Not sure which file format to use?

EPS files: Suitable for reproduction and scaling. Recommended for high-resolution artwork.

PDF files: Suitable for viewing high-quality files. Acceptable for reproduction and high-resolution artwork.

JPG files: Suitable for on-screen use only. Do not scale.

PNG files: Suitable for on-screen use when transparency is needed. Do not scale.