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Orenco has produced a number of informational videos, from an overview of award-winning systems to maintenance and troubleshooting “how-to” guides. To learn more about our company and our technologies, choose from the selections below or visit our YouTube channel for more training video options.

The Prelos™ Processor

An all-in-one, complete unit that’s easy to specify and install. It provides primary wastewater treatment and solids removal at the source.

  • High-quality tank package; designed to be watertight
  • Patented meander design for longer flowpath
  • Easy to maintain

AdvanTex® Treatment System

Orenco’s “AdvanTex® Treatment Systems” video explains the differences between standard residential septic systems and advanced treatment systems. It describes how Orenco’s AdvanTex AX20 textile treatment systems work and how well they treat household wastewater. (Although this video describes residential-sized AdvanTex AX20 Systems, larger, commercial-sized AdvanTex systems are based on the same principles.)

Effluent Sewers

Orenco’s Effluent Sewer video explains how effluent sewers work, from on-lot collection to decentralized treatment. It also explains, the advantages of effluent sewers over gravity sewers.

How the AdvanTex System Works

This video uses an easy-to-follow animation to illustrate how wastewater moves through the treatment process in an AdvanTex Treatment System.