Municipal Treatment | Long-Term Wastewater Solutions for Communities
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Municipal Treatment

Illustration of AdvanTex AX-Max unit

AdvanTex® Treatment Systems provide affordable, long-term wastewater treatment solutions for communities of all sizes.

Orenco’s AdvanTex Treatment Systems use an engineered textile media to treat wastewater. AdvanTex can make raw wastewater up to 98% cleaner,* meeting stringent regulatory requirements. The filter is configured like a recirculating sand filter — a packed-bed filter technology that Orenco engineers have helped to perfect since the 1970’s.
AdvanTex Treatment Systems can provide treatment quality equivalent to that of sand filters, at loading rates as high as 25-50 gpd/ft2 (1000-2000 L/d/m2).* That means AdvanTex can serve projects with severe space constraints.
AdvanTex provides consistent, reliable treatment, even under peak flow conditions. What’s more, the clear effluent is ideal for reuse applications.* The treatment process reduces nitrogen significantly, and special configurations can reduce nitrogen levels even further to meet stringent permit limits.*

Recent Comments

“We ran almost all our collection lines down alleys and across fields. When the state’s Rural Development Director came to town for our dedication, he pulled me aside and asked, ‘When are you going to get this project finished?’ I said, ‘It is finished.’ He said, ‘But when are you going to tear up the streets?’ He couldn’t believe we didn’t have to!”

-Engineer Bill Walker
Effluent Sewer in New Minden, Illinois