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Commercial Applications

AdvanTex Wastewater Treatment For Business of All Sizes

Orenco’s AdvanTex® Treatment Systems provide affordable, scalable wastewater solutions for businesses of all sizes. From campgrounds and resorts to restaurants and wineries, our technologies are used worldwide by businesses that need low-maintenance solutions to their individual wastewater needs. And our updated AdvanTex Design Criteria is an excellent resource for designers and engineers who create custom wastewater treatment systems for commercial projects.
Photo courtesy of St. Constantin Village Hotel
Photo courtesy of St. Constantin Village Hotel

Hotels and Resorts

Wastewater projects for resorts and hotels have one thing in common – they need a highly effective wastewater treatment system despite variable seasonal flows. Whether the project requires exceptional treatment, odor control, rapid deployment, minimal operation and maintenance, low life-cycle costs, or all of the above, Orenco’s treatment systems are a proven, economical solution for the hospitality industry.


A huge benefit offered by AdvanTex over other treatment technologies is its reliable performance, even under highly variable flow conditions. Many resort properties experience extremely low flows during the off-season. Unlike some other technologies, AdvanTex is capable of consistently meeting stringent limits without performance degradation due to these variable flows.


AdvanTex systems provide excellent treatment, yet usually go unnoticed by guests. Treatment units blend into their surroundings, operate quietly, require little energy, and don’t produce noticeable odors.*


Whether an existing system needs to be replaced or a new resort project requires a wastewater system, AdvanTex offers solutions to meet your budget. Orenco’s technical support staff understands the need to carefully evaluate long-term operating and maintenance costs, as well as up-front capital costs. Low power consumption, equipment durability, and ease of operation and maintenance make AdvanTex Treatment Systems an efficient, budget-conscious choice.


Choosing a wastewater system for resorts and hotels involves many unique considerations. For more than 30 years, Orenco’s engineers have helped property owners and system designers overcome these challenges to ensure reliable, low-impact solutions.

A Sample of Resorts Using Orenco Technology:
Spring Hill RV Park, Alberta
Spring Hill RV Park, Alberta

Campgrounds and RV Parks

Designing wastewater systems for campgrounds and RV parks is challenging. After all, what kind of a system can offer the process stability to treat the high-strength wastewater that surges through the system during good weather and slows to a trickle during bad weather? Orenco’s packed-bed filter treatment systems have been successfully handling campground flows for decades, at more than 250 seasonal facilities around the world. These include campgrounds and RV parks, but also visitors’ centers and freeway rest stops.

Design Considerations
  • Variable flows due to weekend and holiday use
  • Little to no use during the off season
  • Need for reliable performance, even with minimal maintenance

Fortunately, AdvanTex Treatment Systems are uniquely capable of dealing with a campground’s seasonal closure in a way that ATU’s (aerobic treatment units) simply can’t.

Low-Impact Operation

AdvanTex’s low-horsepower pumps operate intermittently, which means low power bills. And AdvanTex operates quietly, so campers’ experience with the natural surroundings won’t be disturbed.


Orenco’s engineers have helped design wastewater solutions for more than 150 campgrounds throughout the world. Whether your project is a commercial campground, church camp, or state park, Orenco’s Engineered Solutions group is ready to help.

A Sample of Campgrounds Using Orenco Technology:
Trask River Mobile Home Park - Tillamook, OR
Trask River Mobile Home Park - Tillamook, OR

Mobile Home Parks

Mobile home parks are ideal applications for Orenco (effluent-only) Sewer technology used in a “cluster” type of configuration. Using effluent sewers lowers impact on the overall park, and gives maintenance personnel an advantage when managing solids and diagnosing problems with occupants. When paired with AdvanTex treatment, effluent sewers keep overall system maintenance simple. Depending on the area, some projects are able to use AdvanTex-treated effluent to supplement landscape irrigation.

Economic Advantages

Orenco Sewer and AdvanTex treatment make good economic sense, especially for park developers looking to purchase lower-cost land located away from existing centralized sewer. Our technology can be installed quickly, compressing the time from development to rent recovery. Also, the on-lot portion of the system can be installed as your park expands, meaning capacity doesn’t have to be added (or paid for!) until it’s needed.

Common Sense Maintenance

Maintenance needs of an Orenco Sewer or AdvanTex Treatment System are minimal and simple. And with our telemetry TCOM control panels, a maintenance operator can monitor the system remotely. Also, since each mobile home site will have its own on-lot tank, any abuses to the system remain in the homeowner’s own tank, minimizing negative effects on the rest of the system.

A sample of mobile home parks using Orenco technology:
  • Pine Grove MHP, California
  • Trask MHP, Oregon
  • Ponderosa MHP, California
  • Coarsegold MHP, California
  • Park Place MHP, Missouri
Photo of AdvanTex Treatment System at a sports field
AdvanTex Treatment System at a sports field

Sport Facilities

Orenco’s collection and treatment technologies are great for collecting flows from subdivisions surrounding golf courses, and then treating the wastewater to levels that allow it to be reused for course irrigation (subject to local regulations).

Versatile Application

AdvanTex units can be used to service a clubhouse or a remote comfort station on the back nine. Or they can be part of an Orenco (effluent-only) Sewer system that services the clubhouse plus a thousand surrounding homes, with the super-clean effluent used for irrigation.

Reuse - A Great Idea

The wastewater from your clubhouse can become a valuable resource; the treated effluent can be used for golf course irrigation and landscaping. In addition to conserving highly treated, expensive drinking water, wastewater reuse limits the release of nutrient-rich wastewater into environmentally stressed rivers and streams.

Treated to advanced standards, the clear effluent from an AdvanTex Treatment System can also be reused to make artificial snow at ski resorts.

Playing by the Rules

An AdvanTex Treatment System can make raw wastewater up to 98% cleaner, meeting stringent regulatory requirements.* The U.S. EPA has guidelines for wastewater reuse, but interpretation of these guidelines varies from state to state. Our engineers and dealers can help walk you through system design, as well as discuss issues related to regulations, permitting, and monitoring.

A Sample of Golf Courses Using Orenco Technology:
Photo of  AdvanTex system at California winery
AdvanTex AX-MAX treatment system at a California winery


Orenco’s wastewater treatment systems have been installed at nearly 60 wineries throughout the world, from California to New Zealand. We’ve learned plenty about the winemaking process since our first system was installed at a California winery in 2002. Dozens of wineries later, Orenco’s wastewater treatment systems serve visitor hotels and tasting rooms, as well as process water facilities — from crush through fermentation, clarification, filtering, and bottling.

Because of its high strength and surge flows, winery process wastewater requires ample primary tankage followed by a robust secondary treatment system. Commercial AdvanTex® Treatment Systems use a multiple-pass, packed-bed wastewater treatment technology that’s well-suited for winery applications.

Design Considerations for Wineries:
  • Flow equalization
  • Waste strength and permit requirements
  • Seasonal loading
  • Shut-down and start-up periods
  • Solids removal
  • pH neutralization
  • Operation and maintenance

Orenco’s white paper on wastewater design for wineries can help you get started. Please contact our engineers to request a copy, as well as further design assistance.

A Sample of Wineries Using Orenco Technology:

Recent Comments

“I am truly very pleased with the AdvanTex system’s performance, not only in operation but also in maintenance of the system.”

-Owner and General Manager, St. Constantin Village Hotel, Greece