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Orenco Sewers

Illustration of Orenco effluent sewer system and plat map

Orenco Sewer (effluent-only sewer) is a cost-effective, environmentally sound wastewater collection system.

With an Orenco Sewer, raw sewage flows from a house or business to a watertight underground tank. Only the filtered liquid portion is discharged (by either pump or gravity) to shallow, small-diameter collection lines that follow the contour of the land. Solids remain in the underground tank for passive, natural treatment and only need to be pumped every 10 to 12 years (depending on the number of residents and the tank volume).*
Orenco Sewers take significantly less time to install than conventional sewers. And in an Orenco Sewer, material and excavation costs are reduced because the inexpensive collection lines are shallowly buried just below the frost line. Because only liquid is being pumped, system designers don’t need to worry about minimum velocities and associated grades. This simpler installation process causes less disruption to communities and allows businesses to operate normally during construction.*