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Controls for Any Application

The Right Controls, Whatever Your Application

However our control panels are used, we provide our clients with a custom-engineered, plug-and-play package that's preprogrammed and easy to use. The categories below illustrate some of the ways customers are using our products. If you have a controls application beyond the categories we list here, just let us know.

Our engineers can help put together the functions and features your specific application requires. We can even combine operations for multiple applications into a single control panel! Then, Orenco's Composites Division can provide a strong, durable shelter to house them.

We love a challenge and when it comes to custom controls, our prices and turnaround times are tough to beat. Contact us to find out how we can meet your needs.

Wastewater Systems

Lift Stations

Variable-frequency drives and soft starters both find application in lift stations. We offer controls, including UL 698A intrinsically safe devices, for virtually every pump on the market. We also offer controls for non-contact level measurement, a better technology for lift stations than floats or pressure transducers. Our telemetry/stand-alone SCADA system, TCOM™, allows real-time monitoring and control of equipment via a phone line and standard PC terminal software.

Secondary Treatment Systems

Orenco Controls got its start supplying controls for primary and secondary onsite wastewater treatment. Our standard and custom panels can control effluent sewers, drainfields, textile filters, sand filters, peat filters, mounds, trickling filters, aerobic units, wetlands, lagoons, and effluent irrigation systems.

Grinder Systems

We make controls for every grinder pump, and they can be standardized for a whole subdivision. Because of the volume of wastewater controls we do, quick turnaround is our specialty.

Dispersal Systems

We make controls for pressurized drainfields, drip irrigation, surface irrigation, and lagoons.

UV Disinfection

We design systems for UV disinfection, using the ballast of your choice, that monitor the condition of the bulb.

Industrial Processes


We can provide AC and DC motor control, on/off or variable speed, and reversing controls or non-reversing, for conveyor belts, escalators, valves, and other industrial motors. Control loops can include sensors for motion, light, liquid level, pressure, temperature, velocity, flow, acceleration, proximity, position, and other data. Valves can be opened, closed, or sequenced.

Alarm Systems

We’ve built alarm systems ranging from a single float switch that activates a light and buzzer to systems with 30 floats or other sensors, annunciator panels, dialers, and accessibility via the Web.

UL 698A Intrinsically Safe Controls

We supply UL 698A intrinsically safe controls for oil/water separators and for other systems that require them.

Variable-Frequency Drives

Variable-frequency drives (VFDs), or variable-speed drives, reduce electricity consumption by running a pump or other motor at only the speed required. Applications include constant-pressure pumping systems. VFDs can also be used to run three-phase motors on single-phase power.

Reduced Voltage Starters

Reduced voltage starters increase the life of pumps or other motors by ramping them up to speed gradually. Another benefit of these so-called "soft starters" is that they avoid brownouts when large motors, such as lift station pumps, are started.

Water Systems

Booster Stations

Booster stations incorporate pressure sensors and variable-speed pumps to ensure consistent pressure and flow in a freshwater system. At Orenco, we build all the booster station controls — including circuit protection, VFD, and logic module — into a climate-controlled enclosure. Markets include municipalities, multi-story commercial, manufacturing, golf courses, and designers of decorative fountains.

Reservoirs and Tanks

Reservoirs and storage tanks use a range of control products, from simple storage alarms to complex SCADA monitoring systems. Markets include municipalities, manufacturing, land development, and single-family homes.

Community Wells

Community well systems can incorporate a range of control functions, from simple pump controls to sophisticated real-time monitoring and control, regardless of well depth. Markets include municipalities, communities and cooperatives, subdivisions, and single-family homes.

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems use a variety of control mechanisms, from simple valve controls to complex multi-zone irrigation coordination and monitoring. We design irrigation controls for both surface spray and drip. Markets include landscaping; golf courses; communities, cooperatives and subdivisions; and single-family homes.


Greenhouses require a variety of controls: spray/misting and drip irrigation, controls lights and grow lights, ventilation and thermostatic climate control, metering and monitoring. We provide a complete solution in one custom-engineered panel. Markets include nurseries, farms, the U.S. Forest Service, horticultural research, and residences.

Environmental Monitoring


Systems that monitor the level in stormwater basins can signal when truck pumping is needed or turn on stationary pumps. Variable-frequency drives are an economical way to provide soft starts for high-horsepower pumps.


We can provide community and individual well controls.

Solid Waste

We make robust equipment for monitoring levels in sludge ponds, grease traps, and manure pits. Our standard and custom panels can control agitator pumps, aerators, solids-handling pumps, and grinder pumps.