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At Orenco, we're always innovating to bring you advanced solutions that meet your needs. Get details on our newest product offerings ...


Prelos: Pressurized Liquid-Only Sewer

Prelos is the modern Pressurized, Liquid-Only Sewer, a culmination of four decades of Orenco's proven community sewer solutions. At the core of the system is the Prelos Processor, an innovative, high-quality package of compatible, long-lifespan components: 

  • Unique, patented1 meander tank that effectively doubles the length of the flow path, providing superior solids removal
  • Lightweight DCPD-molded tank for excellent chemical and impact resistance
  • Patent-pending pump vault and filter design that provides passive self-cleaning and needs virtually no maintenance
  • ClickTight wiring connection system that makes watertight2 connections and allows for quick and easy connect/disconnect of a pump and up to four floats
  • Hanging pump discharge assembly for easy pump removal and replacement.
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Prelos: Pressurized Liquid-Only Sewer

Tank Shield™

Orenco® Tank Shields provide a secure, durable, and easy to install secondary safety barrier to prevent unintended entry and accidental falls into access risers, pump basins, and access ports.

  • Capable of supporting a load of up to 250lbs (113kg) 
  • Molded out of co-polymer (CPPP) for exceptional durability. 
  • 24-inch and 30-inch sizes available (600-mm and 750-mm) 
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Standard TCOM Telemetry Control Panels

Orenco’s Standard TCOM Telemetry Control Panels remotely monitor and control treatment systems with real-time efficiency, while remaining invisible to the public. They give wastewater system operators and maintenance staff the ability to use one control panel model for a variety of AdvanTex™ Treatment System layouts. Standard TCOM panels retain the best features of Orenco’s custom control panels, with added flexibility. Operators can incorporate systems-specific procedures by inputting key features to tailor the panel to the project.

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ClickTightControls Package

clickTight controls Package

Orenco’s ClickTight Controls Package is the complete, integrated package for making fast, accurate, secure wiring connections in onsite wastewater systems. It greatly reduces the risk of electrical failures due to moisture, faulty splices, improper terminal wiring, or corrosion. With ClickTight, you can ... 

  • Make quick and secure connections 
  • Reduce common wiring errors with the use of color-coded wires and terminals 
  • Troubleshoot pump and float issues in minutes
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