Biotube Low-Head Pump Vaults (LHV)
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Biotube® Low-Head Pump Vaults (LHV) 

Orenco’s Biotube Low-Head Pump Vaults use patented Biotube filtration to screen effluent for low-head effluent pumps. They can be used in two-compartment septic tanks and dose tanks. The passively self-cleaning design minimizes filter buildup. The pump vault float switch assembly and filter cartridge can be removed for maintenance independent of the vault itself.

  • Biotube filtration in passively self-cleaning configuration 
  • 17.88in (455mm) vault diameter 
  • 61.25in (1556mm) vault height 
  • Supports up to 15in diameter pumps 
  • 1/8in (3.2mm) screen mesh 
  • 12.5ft2 filter surface area 
  • 3.8ft2 filter flow area 
  • Durable one-piece polyethylene construction 
  • Removable float switch assembly (sold separately) 
  • Ball valve for easy removal from tank