The Jalousie Plantation, St. Lucia
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AX-Mobile Provides Quick Wastewater Solution

The Jalousie Plantation
St Lucia
St Lucia 2

Portable Treatment System Installed after Hurricane


The wastewater system for the Jalousie Plantation (now known as “Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort”) on the island of St. Lucia was destroyed by Hurricane Tomas in October, 2010. This Caribbean hotel destination desperately needed an emergency solution — needed to have a new system designed, built, shipped, installed, and functioning before the busy Christmas tourist season.


After initial contact with the resort’s engineer on November 18, an Orenco® AdvanTex® AX-Mobile Treatment System was custom-built for the resort and shipped to the site. Orenco employees flew to St. Lucia for the installation, and the system was up and running in four weeks from initial contact, just in time for Christmas holiday guests. The Orenco tank and treatment unit for this temporary, emergency solution will be relocated to become part of the resort’s permanent wastewater solution in the future.