Jack's Point, New Zealand
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Resort Community Chooses Orenco Sewer

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Phased Luxury Development Needed Scalable Wastewater Solution


The expansive Jack’s Point development outside Queenstown, New Zealand, needed a wastewater collection and treatment system that could meet strict nitrogen-reduction limits. But local sewer service was over 8 km (5 mi.) away, and the municipal wastewater treatment plant would require an upgrade to accommodate the additional flow.


Considering the pumping distance to the nearest sewer and the capacity issues of the area wastewater plant, developers pursued a decentralized wastewater plan. The design would need to minimize visual impact, allow for modular development, and be capable of reducing nutrients to low levels. Following a lengthy bid process, a design-build-operate contract was awarded to Innoflow Technologies, whose design incorporated an Orenco® liquidonly sewer, AdvanTex® secondary wastewater treatment, and subsurface drip irrigation.