Victoria, Prince Edward Island
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Orenco Sewer Provides Cost-Effective Solution

Russel Looking South
Victoria PEL Overhead

Replaces Failing Septic Systems in Seaside Village


The Community of Victoria, PEI, needed to replace its antiquated, failing septic systems with an environmentally sensitive, cost-effective solution suited to the unique requirements of its location. In addition, the treatment system had to accommodate the highly variable daily flows common to a summer vacation destination.


Victoria chose an Orenco® Effluent Sewer, followed by an AdvanTex® AX100 Treatment System, because of the system’s outstanding treatment and low operating and lifetime costs. The system is scalable and is capable of treating flows of up to 95 m3/d (25,000 gpd) during the tourist season, with peaks of over 180 m3/d (50,000 gpd).