Grizzly Ranch, Portola, CA
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Liquid-Only Sewer & AdvanTex® Replace Grinder System

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Orenco Solutions Ideal for Deluxe Phased Community


A deluxe community in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains was having problems with both the collection and treatment of its wastewater. On-lot grinder pumps at each household had a high rate of failure and typically cost about $3000 each to replace.1 Not only that, but the sequencing batch reactor (SBR) for wastewater treatment had never even been turned on, due to low flows. It required a minimum of 10,000 gallons per day (38 m3 /day) to operate, but because of slow buildout and many seasonal residents, the community never reached that minimum threshold. Instead, it was paying a high price to have its wastewater trucked elsewhere for treatment.



Grizzly Ranch began replacing failed grinder pumps with liquid-only systems, which use low-horsepower pumps that last up to 25 years.2 And the SBR was replaced by an AdvanTex® AX-MaxTM Wastewater Treatment System. AdvanTex systems can be installed in phases to accommodate both the low flows that are common in the early stages of a development and, later, the increased fl ows at full buildout. The AdvanTex system can operate year-round, even through the winter, and was available for immediate operation after being installed.