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Effluent Sewer Safeguards Community

Elkton Oregon

Liquid-Only Sewer Is Cost-Effective, Environmentally Sound


In the late 1980’s, individual onsite septic systems along the Umpqua River in Elkton, Oregon were failing, threatening the river’s water quality and limiting business expansion. The community needed a cost-effective, environmentally sound solution for its wastewater problem.


In 1989, a watertight Orenco® Effluent Sewer was installed, which safely conveys effluent from about 100 onsite systems, including restaurants, schools, and other commercial establishments. Effluent quality is outstanding and is dispersed to an 11,000 linear ft (3,353 m) drainfield. Homeowners pay a monthly fee of $33.75, which includes system payback and regular maintenance.