Lacey, WA
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Growing Community Installs Effluent Sewer

Lacey WA Community
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Hybrid System Discharges into City’s Gravity Sewer Lines


Lacey, Washington, began growing rapidly between 1980 and 2000, with its population more than doubling in that period. The town needed an affordable wastewater solution to support construction in the Urban Growth Area (UGA) it shares with neighboring communities.


The City of Lacey chose to install an Orenco Effluent Sewer in its UGA, even though effluent sewers were a relatively new technology at the time. The effluent sewer discharges into the city's gravity sewer lines, creating a "hybrid" system. Now, more than 20 years later, the system successfully serves about 11,500 gravity sewer connections and almost 3,200 effluent sewer connections, and its operators have developed experience and expertise in maintaining a “hybrid” sewer system.