Mountain Top Condominiums, U.S. Virgin Islands
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AdvanTex Treatment Installed at Caribbean Condos

Mountain Top Condominiums

Phased System Allows for Water Reuse & Future Expansion


The owners of a 23-unit condominium complex on the island of St. Thomas recognized the need to replace their failing wastewater system. They needed an easy-to-maintain replacement as soon as possible, but the steep hillside location and very limited land area made installation a challenge. In addition, the owners wanted a system that could be phased in, for budgetary reasons. And on top of that, the wastewater had to be treated to reuse quality for use in toilet flushing and outdoor watering.


Susan Parten, P.E., had long been familiar with Orenco Systems® technologies. After evaluating the situation at the condominiums, she determined that an AdvanTex® Treatment System would provide effective treatment and also offer several cost-saving advantages, including low electricity and maintenance requirements.