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As our industry has evolved, there were several voices that championed ideas. These influential voices inspired change, challenged conventional thinking, and invented revolutionary technologies that would set the course for future generations. These individuals all share a passion for what they do. Many of these industry pioneers are still active today. They continue to create new ideas, work on new innovations, and inspire the next generation of industry leaders. In this series, we get the chance to talk with some of these pioneers in our field. Angela and I ask them about what inspired them, the things they have accomplished, and what they see when they look toward the future. For this episode, we were very fortunate to be able to spend some time with Dr. Bob Rubin, professor emeritus at North Carolina State University. His work and research in land application of nutrient-rich effluent and sludge was, and still is, influential in forming the basis for many of the rules and regulations that govern our industry.

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