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Water is a scarce and valuable resource. Every year, our usable supply of it gets smaller and smaller as we allow it to be contaminated with chemicals and toxic materials. The good news is that we can do something about it by reusing what is commonly called "wastewater". The water that we dispose of in our sewage treatment and greywater systems can gain new life when it is cleaned up and used for another purpose before being sent back into the water table. Garry-Lee Espinosa, one of our senior engineers, joins us to talk about ways that wastewater can be repurposed and reused. It will require a shift in our thinking to see wastewater as a resource to be valued rather than something "icky" to just get rid of. If you have comments or questions about our podcast, you can reach us through this link. To discuss a project or talk to one of our engineers, call 800-348-9843.

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