SSF Series Control Panels

Orenco’s SSF Series control panels are electro-mechanical panels used to control two pumps when pumping from point “A” (first pump) to point “B,” and then from point “B” (second pump) to point “C,” and to provide alarm functions in sand filters and other systems where controls for motors in series are required. Interlocked controls prevent the first (upstream) pump from running if a high level alarm condition occurs in the downstream pump.

SSF Series panels include motor contactors, which increase system life by reducing the load requirements on the float switches.

  • 120-VAC controls circuit breaker
  • 120- or 120/240-VAC pump circuit breakers
  • Motor-start contactors for pump circuits
  • Automatic/Off/Manual (Auto/Off/Man) toggle switch
  • 7/8-in (22-mm) red visible alarm
  • 95 dB audible alarm
  • Automatic alarm silence reset
  • Type 4X (IP 66) rated enclosure
  • Mechanical or mercury float switches ordered separately

Popular SSF Models

Technical Data Sheet

SSF1 PTRO/ Advanced Treatment Control Panel