A Series Simplex Alarm Panels

A Series simplex alarm panels are used to control alarm functions and a pump motor in simplex pumping systems. They are intended as a low-cost option for pump controls into gravity or pressurized drainfields or for Effluent Sewers (aka STEP sewers or Septic Tank Effluent Pumping Systems), especially where cost is the critical factor. The primary advantage of an A Series panel over a liquid level alarm panel is the ability to manually pump liquid out of the tank in the event of a high-level alarm condition.

  • Low-cost
  • 120-VAC controls circuit breaker
  • 120- or 120/240-VAC pump circuit breaker
  • 7/8-in (22-mm) red visible alarm
  • 95 dB audible alarm
  • Automatic alarm silence reset
  • Type 4X (IP 66) rated enclosure
  • Motor-rated pump on/off float switch ordered separately (see “Float Switches” in this catalog)
  • Limited optional features available

Popular A Series Models

Technical Data Sheet

A1R0  A Series Simplex Alarm Panel