Electromechanical Custom Control Panels

Electromechanical custom panels are used to control one or more pumps and provide alarm functions in onsite septic systems, drainfields, effluent sewers (aka STEP sewers), and pressure sewers. Electromechanical custom panels include motor contactors, which increase system life by reducing the load requirements on the float switches. Options such as analog timers and event counters are available with electromechanical custom panels, as well as ...

  • 1- and 3-phase motor power
  • Seal failure sensors
  • Over-temperature sensors
  • Over- and under-current sensors
  • Additional alarm lights or alarm circuits
  • Remote alarm indicators

Be sure to check out our Custom Panel Quote Request for a full range of options available for electromechanical custom panels.

Electromechanical Custom Control Panel