PLC Custom Control Panels

PLC custom control panels are digital, programmable panels typically used to control one or more pumps in onsite septic systems and effluent pumping systems, when system requirements are greater than an MVP custom control panel can handle. PLC custom control panels have more memory and a larger number of available inputs and outputs than our MVP custom panels. Orenco Controls’ PLC custom control panels offer several standard functions, including elapsed time meters, counters, digital indication of float switch status, different alarm/light signals for varying alarm conditions, and the ability to use one type of float switch for all functions. In addition to our full line of standard options, custom options are available, such as ...

  • Multiple options for operator interface
  • 1- and 3-phase motor power
  • Seal failure sensors
  • Over-temperature sensors
  • Over- and under-current sensors
  • Additional alarm lights or alarm circuits
  • Remote alarm indicators

Be sure to check out our Custom Panel Quote Request for a full range of options available for PLC custom control panels.

Custom Control Panel with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)