OLS Custom VFD Control Panels

OLS custom VFD control panels by Orenco Controls contain integrated variable-frequency drives (VFDs), which optimize motor operation and can greatly reduce energy usage in pumping systems. VFDs also prolong pump and system life by reducing hard starts and water hammer. OLS control panels use a single, user-friendly, easy-to-understand human-machine interface (HMI) to configure one or more VFDs. A wide range of control configuration options are available with OLS series panels. Each OLS control panel (from simple control panels to complex multi-drive panels with programmable logic controllers) can be designed, built, and pre-programmed specifically for a site and application, making the panel virtually “plug and play.” And the ability to adjust settings simply and easily streamlines operation for maintenance staff. In addition to our full line of standard options, custom options are available, such as ...

  • Seal failure sensors
  • Over-temperature sensors
  • Over- and under-current sensors
  • Additional alarm lights or alarm circuits
  • Remote alarm indicators

Be sure to check out our Custom Panel Quote Request for a full range of options available for OLS custom VFD control panels.


OLS Series VFD Panel