DAX Series Duplex Control Panels

DAX Series duplex panels are electro-mechanical panels used to control two alternating pumps and provide alarm functions in onsite septic systems, drainfields, Effluent Sewers (aka STEP sewers or Septic Tank Effluent Pumping Systems), and pressure sewers that require the use of two alternating pumps. A built-in alternating relay switches the “lead” and “lag” positions each pump cycle, and allows one pump to be manually selected and locked in for lead operation. DAX Series panels include motor contactors, which increase system life by reducing the load requirements on the float switches.

  • 120-VAC controls circuit breaker
  • 120- or 120/240-VAC pump circuit breakers
  • Motor-start contactors for pump circuits
  • Automatic/Off/Manual (Auto/Off/Man) toggle switch
  • 7/8-in (22-mm) red visible alarm
  • 95 dB audible alarm
  • Automatic alarm silence reset
  • Type 4X (IP 66) rated enclosure
  • Mechanical or mercury float switches ordered separately

Popular DAX Series Models

Technical Data Sheet

DAX1PTRO ETMCT Duplex Control Panel