Float Switch Assemblies

Orenco® Float Switch Assemblies are preassembled with one or more floats secured by float collars mounted on a 1-inch (25-mm) PVC float stem.

  • Preassembled
  • Easy to adjust in the field with no special tools
  • Quick-release clips


Sample Product Codes*

  • MFABT-Y,G,W-27V — float switch assembly; one “A” float, one “B” float, and one “T” float; 27-in (686-mm) stem length, for Biotube pump vault
  • MF3A-YG,R,W-33V — float switch assembly; three “A” floats, 33-inch (838-mm) stem length, for Biotube pump vault

* For the full range of available product options, contact your local Orenco Distributor or Orenco.

Technical Data Sheet

Float Switch Assembly
Including Three Floats and Float Collars