S Series Simplex Control Panels

S Series simplex panels are electro-mechanical panels used to control single pumps and alarm functions in onsite septic systems and Effluent Sewers (aka STEP sewers or Septic Tank Effluent Pumping Systems). They are also used to provide pump control with alarm functions into gravity sewer systems. S Series panels include a motor contactor, which increases system life by reducing the load requirements on the float switches. Options such as analog timers and event counters are available.

Pump motors used with these panels require internal overload protection.

  • 120-VAC controls circuit breaker
  • 120- or 120/240-VAC pump circuit breaker
  • Motor-start contactor for pump circuit
  • Automatic/Off/Manual (Auto/Off/Man) toggle switch
  • 7/8-in (22-mm) red visible alarm
  • 95 dB audible alarm
  • Automatic alarm silence reset
  • Type 4X (IP 66) rated enclosure

Popular S Series Models


Technical Data Sheet

S1RO ETMCT  Simplex Control Panel