Signal-Rated Mercury Float Switches, “A” and “T” Models

Orenco® “A” and “T” model mercury float switches are used with pump control panels and alarms. They’re intended for low-amperage signals and aren’t capable of carrying the current necessary to start or operate a pump.

  • “A” model has normally-open default state (contact is open when float switch is hanging)
  • “T” model has normally closed default state (contact is open when float switch is floating)
  • Approved for intrinsically safe relays (very low amperage)
  • No drawdown value
  • “A” model is suitable for MVP and VCOM panels
  • “T” model is suitable for electromechanical panels with “RO” option

Some jurisdictions restrict the use of products containing mercury. Check local or state regulations for potential restrictions in your area.

Technical Data Sheet

Float Switch Assembly Including “A” Model Float Switches