Motor-Rated Mercury Float Switches, “G” Models

Orenco® Motor-Rated Mercury “G” model float switches are used with pump control panels and alarms, as well as to carry starting and operating current for a pump. They have a “drawdown” value — the difference in liquid level between a float switch’s activation and deactivation points. 

  • Normally-open default state (contact is open when float switch is hanging)
  • Approved for intrinsically safe relays (very low amperage)
  • ¾-hp (0.56 kW), 120-VAC switch power or 2-hp (1.49 kW), 240-VAC switch power
  • 15 Amps (120-VAC and 240-VAC switches)
  • 4.50-inch to 5.50-inch drawdown (120-mm to 140-mm)

Some jurisdictions restrict the use of products containing mercury. Check local or state regulations for potential restrictions in your area.

Technical Data Sheet


 “G” Model Float Switch