Fiberglass Landscape Lids (FLD, FL)

In addition to standard green and brown access lids, Orenco offers Landscape Lids in grass, bark, and river rock patterns for selected DuraFiber™ and FL-Series fiberglass lids.

  • 24-inch DuraFiber lid (600-mm) available now; 30-inch lid (750-mm) available shortly; 18- and 21-inch sizes for FL-Series lids
    (460- and 535-mm)
  • Solid, resin-infused fiberglass construction on 24- and 30-inch DuraFiber™ lids (600- and 750-mm)
  • Fiberglass construction over structural core material on 18- and 21-inch FL-Series lids (460- and 535-mm)
  • Available with or without lid gasket
  • Stainless steel flathead socket cap screws and hex key wrench included

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Orenco Fiberglass Landscape Lids