Adhesives and Adhesive Dispensing Guns (ADH, MA)* 

Orenco® Methacrylate Adhesives are available for a variety of products that need bonding or sealing: PVC, ABS, fiberglass, concrete, and rubber. In addition, adhesives are also available in packages of various sizes for jobs small and large. Click on the link below to find the correct adhesive for your application.

Chart: Adhesive Product Descriptions and Applications 


Product Codes

  • ADH100 — single part adhesive, 10.2-ounce (300-mL) cartridge
  • MA320 — two-part adhesive, 200-g packet
  • SA510 — two-part adhesive, 600-mL cartridge
  • SA530 — two-part adhesive, 600-mL cartridge
  • SA590 — two-part adhesive, 600-mL cartridge
  • IPS810 — two-part adhesive, 1-pint (473-mL) jar
  • ADH845-GUN — manual dispensing gun for 400-mL ADH845 adhesive
  • MA-MANUAL GUN-600ML — manual dispensing gun for 600-mL MA500-series adhesives
  • MA-BATT GUN-600ML — battery-powered dispensing gun for 600-mL MA500-series adhesives

* Contact your local Distributor for shipping information or an MSDS sheet on any of Orenco’s adhesives.

Technical Data Sheet