Effluent Filters

Biotube Effluent Filter Inserts (FTI)

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Biotube FT Series Residential Effluent Filters (FT)

Biotube FT Series Base Inlet Effluent Filters (FT)

Biotube FT Series Commercial Effluent Filters (FT)

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Orenco® Effluent Filters prevent the discharge of large solids from a tank, improving effluent quality and extending drainfield life. Effluent flows from the “clear zone” inside of the septic tank into the Biotube filter through the filter’s vertical holes. Large suspended solids in the effluent are retained in the filter’s interior space, where organic material can be further broken down. Orenco Biotube Effluent Filters have 5-10 times more flow area than competing effluent filters, so they don’t need to be cleaned as often, reducing maintenance time and cost. Orenco offers a number of effluent filters for a wide range of residential and commercial wastewater applications.