1000-Gallon (3785-L) Fiberglass Tanks (T1)

Orenco’s 1000-gallon (3785-L) fiberglass tanks are designed for underground use in onsite residential and commercial wastewater collection and treatment systems, community-wide effluent sewer systems, grease tanks, and non-potable rainwater collection. When used as a septic tank or interceptor tank, primary treatment occurs in the tank as organic matter is collected and digested, reducing wastewater contaminants by 65-70%.

  • Durable, lightweight FRP construction
  • Injection-molded for part consistency and quality
  • 100% watertight — factory-tested before shipping
  • 1210 gallons (4580 L) total tank volume
  • Ribbed design and baffle wall for use as a two-compartment tank in various volumes
  • Transportable by light truck
  • Installable by small backhoe or excavator
  • 48-inch (1219-mm) burial depth, empty
  • Direct-fit for 24-inch (600-mm) Orenco access risers
  • Adapter available for 30-inch (750-mm) access risers
  • IAPMO approved for septic tanks and grease tanks
  • Not approved for use with potable water


Sample Product Code*

  • T1000-01-19/19-11/13 — 1000-gallon (3785-L) fiberglass tank, single-compartment, 19-inch (483-mm) access riser openings, 11-inch (279-mm) inlet, 13-inch (330-mm) outlet

* For the full range of available product options, contact your local Orenco Distributor or Orenco.

Technical Data Sheet

1000-Gallon (3785-L) Fiberglass Tank