Hydrosplitters (HS)

Orenco® Hydrosplitters are used to provide equal doses of screened effluent to multiple laterals or zones in gravity drainfields, regardless of the length of the laterals used in the drainfield. Typically, a dose pump is used to transport effluent to the hydrosplitter, which then doses all of the drainfield laterals by gravity.

  • Works with pump or siphon discharge to hydrosplitter
  • Schedule 40 PVC construction
  • ½-inch to 4-inch NPS (15-mm to 100-mm DN) sizes available for fittings, unions, and flow controllers
  • ½-inch to 2-inch NPS (15-mm to 50-mm DN) sizes available for flexible outlet hose
  • Flow Control Disc orifices sized in 1/64-inch (0.396-mm) increments

Each Hydrosplitter is built to the specific needs of a particular drainfield. For information on ordering a Hydrosplitter for your project, call Orenco.

Technical Data Sheet

Orenco Hydrosplitter