Check Valves (KSC)

Check valves prevent backflow in a system, providing minimal resistance to normal flow but only requiring ½ lb (0.2 kg) back pressure for complete closure.

  • Schedule 40 high-impact PVC Type II body (per ASTM D-1785)
  • EPDM swing gate
  • 1-inch, 1¼-inch, 1½-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch NPS sizes available
  • Slip fit or threaded connections available for all sizes


Sample Product Codes*

  • KSC1000S — check valve, 1-inch (25-mm), slip fit
  • KSC1000T — check valve, 1-inch (25-mm), threaded
  • KSC1250S — check valve, 1¼-inch (32-mm), slip fit
  • KSC1250T — check valve, 1¼-inch (32-mm), threaded
  • KSC2000S — check valve, 2-inch (50-mm), slip fit
  • KSC2000T — check valve, 2-inch (50-mm), threaded

* For the full range of available product options, contact your local Orenco Distributor or Orenco.

Technical Data Sheet

Check Valve